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New Zealand partners and directors

Talk to one of our New Zealand partners or directors about how they can help you.

Mike Horne - Chief Executive, Auckland

Peter Gulliver - Chief Operating Officer, Auckland

Thomas Pippos - Chair, Wellington

Lee-Ann Du Toit - National Leader, Wellington

Darren Fleming - Director, Auckland 

Melissa Collier - National Leader, Auckland

Andrew Boivin - Partner, Auckland

Andrew Dick - Partner, Auckland

Anna Colhoun - Director, Christchurch

Anthony Smith - Partner, Christchurch

Asha Tierney - Director, Auckland 

Ben Wood - Director, Auckland

Bennie Greyling - Partner, Auckland

Benoit Lancelot - Partner, Auckland

Bindi Shah - Partner, Auckland

Brendon Lee - Director, Auckland

Brett Tomkins - Partner, Auckland

Bruce Edhouse - Partner, Auckland

Bruno Dente - Partner, Hamilton

Bryce Henderson - Partner, Auckland

Claire Smyth - Director, Christchurch

Craig Robertson - Director, Auckland

Daniel Lock - Director, Christchurch

David Phillips - Director, Auckland

Denise Hodgkins - Partner, Auckland

Hamish Anton - Partner, Wellington

Hayden Davison - Director, Auckland

Heidi Rautjoki - Partner, Dunedin 

James Shepherd - Partner, Wellington

Jason Stachurski - Partner, Auckland

Josh Burgess - Director, Auckland

Lesley Mitchell - Partner, Auckland

Lisa Cruickshank - Partner, Auckland

Matt Laing - Partner, Hamilton

Mike Hawken - Partner, Dunedin

Mike Hoshek - Partner, Christchurch

Nicole Dring - Partner, Christchurch

Pam Thompson - Partner, Wellington

Paul Seller - Partner, Auckland

Pieter Erasmus - Partner, Auckland

Rikki Stancich - Partner, Auckland

Scott Hawkins - Director, Dunedin

Silvio Bruinsma - Partner, Auckland

Suné Strydom - Director, Auckland

Victoria Turner - Partner, Auckland

Cassandra Worrall - Partner, Auckland

Shellee Wilson - Director, Wellington

Darren Wood - National Leader, Wellington

Adithi Pandit - Partner, Wellington

Ahmad Salim - Partner, Auckland

Andrew Mills - Partner, Auckland

Anne Molineux - Director, Wellington

Annette Van Schalkwyk - Director, Auckland

Anthony Ruakere - Partner, Auckland

Anthony Williams - Director, Auckland

Annie Zhang - Director, Auckland

Aravind Subramanian - Partner, Auckland

Ash Pierce - Director, Auckland

Bryan Daly - Director, Auckland

Ben Edwards - Partner, Auckland

Cassandra Favager - Director, Wellington

Chris Harrop - Director, Christchurch

Chris Herbert - Partner, Wellington

Chris Rodgers - Partner, Auckland

Damian Harvey - Partner, Auckland

Dan Wright - Partner, Auckland

Daniel Chee - Director, Auckland

Dave Farrelly - Partner, Wellington

Dave Green - Director, Auckland

Dave Lane - Partner, Wellington

David Lovatt - Partner, Wellington

Deborah Lucas - Director, Wellington

Deon Ferreira - Director, Wellington

Emma Bishop - Director, Auckland

Emma Cowdrey - Director, Auckland

Emma Johns - Partner, Christchurch

Eva Sherwood Hayter - Partner, Wellington

Everett Toews - Director, Wellington

Fred Rushmer - Director, Auckland

Gareth Glover -  Partner, Auckland

Gary Lewis - Director, Wellington

Grant Frear - Partner, Auckland

Hamish Wilson - Partner, Auckland

Harald Ahorner - Director, Auckland

Harald Heimensen - Partner, Christchurch

Heitor Araujo - Director, Auckland

Holly Rennie - Director, Auckland

Jackie O'Hagan - Director, Wellington

James Clarke - Partner, Wellington

Jane Fitzgerald - Partner, Auckland

Jeff Brandt - Partner, Wellington

Jonathan Munden - Director, Wellington

JP Tocker - Partner, Wellington

Julene Marr - Director, Wellington

Justin Wood - Director, Auckland

Kairav Parikh - Director, Auckland

Kate Giles - Director, Wellington

Kate Phillips - Partner, Wellington

Kate Reid - Partner, Auckland

Kate Sutton - Director, Auckland

Katie Evans - Director, Auckland

Keith Robbins - Partner, Wellington 

Kerry Williams - Partner, Auckland

Koren O'Brien - Director, Wellington

Kris Hassall - Partner, Auckland

Kylie Bryant - Partner, Auckland

Lara McKittrick - Director, Auckland

Lauren Foster - Partner, Wellington

Leissa Wheatley - Partner, Auckland

Louise Aitken - Partner, Wellington

Luke Collier - Partner, Auckland

Mao Cai - Director, Consulting

Matt Cooper - Director, Wellington

Matt Dalton - Partner, Auckland

Matthew Whitaker - Director, Wellington

Mariette van Niekerk - Director, Auckland

Naila Naseem - Partner, Auckland

Oisin Collins - Director, Auckland

Olivia Anstis - Director, Auckland

Paul Shallard - Partner, Auckland

Paulo Osorio - Partner, Auckland

Philip Swierczynski - Director, Wellington

Raymond Chan - Director, Auckland

Roger Lee - Partner, Wellington

Rory Matthews - Partner, Wellington

Sally Hooper - Director, Wellington

Sarah Emirali - Director, Auckland

Sonali Mukherji - Director, Wellington

Sonia Breeze - Partner, Auckland

Stephanie Meyers - Partner, Wellington

Steve Law - Partner, Christchurch

Stuart Francis - Partner, Wellington

Sudarshan Sreenivasan Shailaja - Director, Auckland

Tamarapa Lloyd - Partner, Wellington

Terry Teoh - Partner, Wellington

Thomas Weber - Director, Wellington

Tony Santoro - Partner, Auckland

Tracy Rimmell - Director, Auckland

Tuhakia Keepa - Director, Wellington

Vicky Yeo - Partner, Auckland 

Yvette Keys - Director, Christchurch

Richard Dorset - National Leader, Auckland

Andrew Hirst - Partner, Auckland

Daniel Lawrence - Director, Auckland

David Levin - Partner, Auckland

David Morgan - Partner, Wellington

Hyun Choi - Director, Wellington

Jane Fraser-Jones - Partner, Wellington

John Marker - Partner, Auckland

Kyle Callow - Director, Christchurch

Liz Robinson - Director, Christchurch

Mary Kilkelly - Director, Wellington

Matthew Parker - Partner, Wellington 

Muhammad Cajee - Partner, Hamilton 

Nichola Bennett - Partner,  Wellington

Norm Castles - Partner, Christchurch

Rauno Engel - Director, Wellington 

Richard Bailey - Partner, Christchurch

Robyn Lee - Director, Auckland

Scott McClay - Partner, Christchurch

Simon Chapman - Partner, Auckland

Tammy Peacock - Partner, Auckland

Thomas Watson - Director, Auckland

Tim Arbuckle - Partner, Wellington

Tim Stables - Director, Auckland

Trevor Manners - Director, Hamilton

William Word - Partner, Auckland

John Tan - Partner, Wellington

Liza Van Der Merwe - Partner, Auckland

Bill Hale - National Leader, Auckland

Alex Wilson - Partner, Rotorua

Anna Fitzgibbon - Partner, Auckland

Bronwyn Baird - Partner, Christchurch

Carli Ebbett - Director, Tauranga

Dan Hellyer - Partner, Queenstown

Darren Johnson - Partner, Auckland

Darren White - Partner, Auckland

David Jobling - Partner, Auckland

Doug Wilson - Partner, Hamilton

Emma Marr - Director, Wellington

Hilton Joll - Partner, Hamilton

Ian Fay - Partner, Wellington

James Arlidge - Partner, Auckland

Jamie Adamson - Partner, Dunedin

Jamie Hall - Partner, Auckland

Joe Brown - Director, Rotorua

Jon Bradley - Partner, Auckland

Joanne McCrae - Partner, Auckland

John McRae - Partner, Rotorua

Jono Peart - Partner, Hamilton

Kyle Cameron - Partner, Dunedin 

Lee Gray - Partner, Rotorua

Luke Murdoch - Director, Dunedin

Lynne Golds - Partner, Wellington

Paul Pettit - Partner, Wellington

Shari Carter - Partner, Christchurch

Stefan Davies - Director, Hamilton

Stephen Nicholas - Partner, Wellington

Stephen Walker - Director, Auckland

Steven Brokenshire - Partner, Wellington

Victoria Harrison - Director, Wellington

Amy Dove - Partner, Auckland

Jason Weir - Partner, Auckland 

Ian Tuke - Partner, Auckland

Catherine Law - National Leader, Wellington

Anu Nayar - Cyber, Privacy Resilience National Leader, Wellington

Aloysius Teh - Partner, Wellington

Catherine Davidson - Director, Christchurch

David Seath -  Partner, Christchurch

David Sinkins - Partner, Wellington

Dominic Salmon - Director, Auckland

Eric Norelius - Director, Auckland

Faris Azimullah - Partner, Auckland

Gavin van den Berg - Director, Auckland

Joanne Lu - Partner, Wellington

Marcus Bossert - Director, Wellington

Monika Wakeman - Partner, Auckland

Nadia Ali - Director, Auckland

Nicoleta Croitoru - Director, Christchurch

Nigel Annett - Partner, Auckland

Reenesh Bhana - Partner, Auckland

Rhys Hermansson - Partner, Auckland

Shiva Thomas - Director, Auckland

Tony Arnold - Partner, Wellington

David Webb - National Leader, Auckland

Rob Campbell - Partner, Auckland

Bruce Wallace - National Leader, Auckland 

Aaron Thorn - Partner, Christchurch

Alex Kingston - Director, Auckland

Alex Mitchell - Partner, Wellington

Alex Robinson - Director, Christchurch

Alexis Tapsell - Director, Auckland

Allan Bullot - Partner, Auckland

Andrea Scatchard - Partner, Hamilton

Anna Fitzgibbon - Partner, Auckland

Annalie Hampton - Partner, Auckland

Annamaria Maclean - Partner, Auckland

Bart de Gouw - Partner, Auckland

Bill Hale - Partner, Auckland

Campbell Rose - Partner, Auckland

Darren Johnson - Partner, Auckland

Darren White - Partner, Auckland

Greg Haddon - Partner, Auckland

Hadleigh Brock - Partner, Auckland

Hiran Patel - Director, Wellington

Iain Bradley - Partner, Auckland

Jamie Dawson - Director, Auckland

James Arbuthnott  - Partner, Wellington   

Jayesh Dahya - Director, Wellington

Jason Yang - Director, Auckland

Jeanne du Buisson - Partner, Auckland

Jenny Liu - Partner, Auckland

Jess Wheeler - Partner, Christchurch

Jodee Webb - Partner, Wellington

John Leightley - Director, Auckland

Liam O'Brien - Director, Auckland

Liz Nelson - Partner, Auckland

Lucy Scanlon - Director, Wellington

Mark Lash - Partner, Wellington

Melanie Meyer - Partner, Wellington

Patrick McCalman - Partner, Wellington

Peter Truman - Partner, Dunedin

Phil Stevenson - Partner, Dunedin

Robyn Walker - Partner, Wellington

Roselea Paterson - Partner, Wellington

Sam Hornbrook - Director, Auckland

Sam Mathews - Partner, Auckland

Sarah Kennedy - Director, Christchurch

Simon Gillingham - Director, Auckland

Susan Wynne - Partner, Hamilton

Troy Andrews - Partner, Auckland

Veronica Harley - Director, Auckland