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Mariette Van Niekerk

Director – AI for Risk

I’m the Deloitte New Zealand Trustworthy AI lead, specialising in both the use of AI for Risk Management and the management of risk that AI introduces. As an experienced lead data scientist, I have a proven history of delivering operations research and AI solutions across a variety of industries. My work spans automated document analysis, AI risk management (Trustworthy AI roadmap, AI risk assessment, bias detection), AI-driven outlier detection, and predictive modelling.

For more than 15 years, I have delivered operations research and artificial intelligence solutions across a variety of industries including financial services, public sector, energy, retail, CPG, and TMT. My current focus is on the financial services industry.

I have published postgraduate research on the application of machine learning in the project management domain. Before joining Deloitte in 2014, I gained six years' experience managing business improvement projects in the public sector.

I am passionate about living my professional purpose: harnessing AI responsibly to solve Aotearoa’s biggest challenges.