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Aging with Synergy

Places made human

Living with Synergy

Synergy is a unique solution created by Deloitte to make places human while boosting efficiency across cities and places

Designed to leverage the power of technology to manage a wide variety of infrastructures, namely buildings, districts, transport, logistic hubs, stadiums, campuses, among others. Synergy offers an end-to-end integration of all critical factors helping you deliver a human-centric experience to the citizens or users.



Aging with Synergy

Smart care

With limited human resources dedicated to social care, technology offers strong potential to help monitor and accompany daily lives, while detecting abnormal behavior and triggering alarms. Combining IoT sensors and Synergy, Deloitte partnered with the Red Cross, to develop a platform to provide better and more inclusive services for the Silver Generation.

Living alone at home, the elderly fall frequently and may face danger without getting noticed opportunely. As such, there is a need for social services that take care of and ensure a good aging process. With Synergy, this requirement can be met, as the solution allows for monitoring potential incidents and alerting caregivers.




Deloitte designed and developed a platform to provide the elderly living alone with a real-time care service. With movement, air quality, and energy sensors installed in each of these homeplaces, this Synergy-based platform monitors Silver Generation’s activity, alerting the Red Cross and if something stands out from daily patterns.

Expected gains

40+ Silver Generation houses

Increased operations efficiency

Extended autonomy and improved quality of life

Detection of unhealthy conditions, allowing local governments to improve living conditions

Value delivered

Assist NGOs with real-time information and alerts

Provide data & insights on home conditions, with emergency prevention and resolution

Offer families and the elderly a monitoring and security tool, ideal for staying safely and autonomously at their homes for a longer period.

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