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IT Asset Management

Reducing cost, mitigating risk, improving resource efficiency and maximizing value from IT investments.

It’s no secret that managing software and hardware assets can be a challenge. Multiple stakeholders are involved in the purchase, installation, deployment, maintenance, utilization and disposal of IT assets. Furthermore, the technology landscape is continuously changing: SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, Open Source, Serverless and Containers are only a couple of elements impacting the asset lifecycle.

Obtaining trustworthy data to support daily activities and the provisioning of service is not always easy, especially where ITAM processes, procedures, roles and responsibilities are not clearly defined.

Deloitte’s ITAM services enable organizations to monitor and control investments, manage the IT assets’ lifecycle by reducing related costs and risks, achieve compliance with internal and external regulations, create standards and processes to manage these assets and improve automation.

Furthermore, with our ITAM services, Deloitte is able to assist customers in their sustainability journey with a primary focus on environmental sustainability . The strategical choices in relation to IT hardware, software and cloud services have an impact on the environment. In this respect, our ITAM services help organizations to reuse, recycle and reconfigure IT assets, reducing, amongst others, future purchases, waste and CO2 emission.

Deloitte ITAM Framework

Our Deloitte ITAM Framework is based on a combination of the ISO 19770 standard, the ITIL best practices and our own experience in the market.

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The Deloitte ITAM Academy

Deloitte offers comprehensive trainings, covering all aspects required for the development and operation of a sustainable IT Asset Management practice.

View the IASP webinar

Struggling with IBM License Compliance? Learn how Deloitte can help to manage your concerns via the IBM Authorized SAM Partner Program.

IT Asset Management Global Survey

Deloitte’s Global ITAM survey report looks at the current state of ITAM in organizations. It showcases how organizations need to change their focus and investment priorities in governing IT assets to reflect the changing technology landscape, and more specifically, newer ways of licensing hardware and software.

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Discover Our Services

Discover Our Services

Deloitte offers a wide range of services tailored to assist clients in their ITAM journey. These range from services responding to a specific challenge and increasing the ITAM maturity through programmatic services to ongoing assistance via a Managed Service. Furthermore, as an established partner of the best-in-class ITAM technology providers, Deloitte has extensive capabilities in aiding customers to select the best suited technology and perform and/or support the end-to-end implementation and configuration process.