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Welcome to Deloitte’s Alumni Network. Whether you worked here for two or twenty years, Deloitte alumni are 'colleagues for life' and we want to stay connected.

About Deloitte Alumni Network

Where colleagues for life connect

At Deloitte, we’re passionate about building lifelong relationships with our people, and we’re committed to their success, no matter where their journey takes them. The Deloitte Alumni Network is where all our colleagues for life can connect and advance their careers.

Once a Deloitter, always a Deloitter. Strong connections never vanish, which is why we nurture our Deloitte Alumni Network.

Rolf Driesen, CEO Deloitte Belgium

As a Deloitte alumni, you can leverage the power of the Deloitte network wherever you are in the world and take advantage of local alumni offerings including local events, business insights, and more. Join our alumni community and we’ll continue to support your career journey through opportunities, insights, and connections.
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Why join the Deloitte Alumni Network?

  • Access the latest Deloitte thought leadership and insight reports
  • Receive invitations to attend alumni events as well as networking opportunities
  • Learn about career opportunities at DeloitteJoin the Deloitte Belgium Alumni group on LinkedIn to connect with your Deloitte colleagues and peers
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Alumni in the spotlight

We’re delighted to stay connected with our alumni network throughout the different stages of their careers and capture inspirational testimonials to share within the practice and beyond.

Meet our boomerangs

Our talent is one of the most important assets at Deloitte, and this does not end when people decide to discover new opportunities outside the firm. Continuing a relationship and leveraging the alumni network can be a great way to stay in touch with former employees - and eventually welcome them back. Boomerangs bring back newfound knowledge and skills, a fresh perspective, novel ideas and experiences and an expanded network.

Alumni Matters

The magazine made for Deloitte #colleaguesforlife

Get the latest news and updates on your fellow alumni and Deloitte in Alumni Matters, our magazine for #colleaguesforlife.

Alumni Matters - 2nd edition

Alumni Matters - 1st edition

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For general alumni questions, please contact our programme team via email.

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To connect with your Deloitte colleagues and peers, join our Alumni group on LinkedIn

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