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Ripple effect, leaving a meaningful legacy

"Leading by example"

Deloitte Africa’s role in society is to make an impact that matters, for our people, clients and across Africa. Our purpose informs how we go about doing our business. Our focus is on empowering our people with knowledge, ensuring that we can lead by example and that we prioritise any action that is within our control. Reducing climate change is going to take a broad approach to solving some of the most critical issues – we must however not forget that we are also changing behaviour and as such the importance of sharing knowledge is critical to avoiding the same mistakes are made in the future. 

Easy to implement solutions


With thousands of people across our various offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban it was crucial to find solutions that could immediately make an impact on our emissions and reduce our overall contribution to waste and pollution. Deloitte Africa has as such implemented:

  1. Removal of single use plastic from our canteens – including plastic containers, straws and cutlery – replacing it with bio-degradable solutions, such as bamboo.
  2. We encourage a culture of recycling by providing recycle bins across all offices – this has made a tremendous impact and our staff have been incredible advocates for this shift.
  3. We only use environmentally friendly cleaning products across Deloitte Africa.
  4. We host several engagements at our various offices, as such it has become critical for us to reduce our footprint during these events. Waste management and other smart event procedures were changed. 
  5. We also work with suppliers that share our vision and passion, they support us to achieve our net-zero goals and ensure our people and clients’ experience of Deloitte isn’t negatively impacted.

Learning through shared experiences


We believe that it is more powerful to share knowledge, this is more important than ever as we tackle the climate crisis. Deloitte provides a powerful network across the world, ensuring that our people, clients and society is able to benefit from insights and learnings.

Outside of tangible solutions, we believe that empowering our people and clients with the right knowledge will assist us all to achieve our sustainability goals. It is with this mindset that we are building a broad Sustainability & Climate curriculum that will include several pathways that an individual can take, depending on their role, interest, and upskilling requirements. It will be a Global Green-Dot curriculum, relevant and consumable across all geographies, businesses, and industries. Our aim is to first focus the learning on ensuring all our professionals have a baseline understanding of key concepts and Deloitte’s Sustainability & Climate services and offerings to begin conversations with clients and within their own teams.

If you are a Deloitte Africa professional and missed the 2022 Global Climate & Sustainability Learning Week watch this space for news for activity during 2023. 

Explore more about WorldClimate initiatives:


“Together, we can make an impact that matters as every action makes a positive contribution to responding to the client threat. We all have a responsibility to act today.” 

“Every positive action is impactful”

“Keeping the lights on is our biggest priority. Our most pressing priority is finding alternative solutions that can be rolled out across Africa.”