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Living with purpose

“Together, we can make an impact that matters as every action makes a positive contribution to responding to the climate threat. We all have a responsibility to act today.”

Our planet is our home, protecting our home is the responsibility of all of us. Living sustainably is no longer in question, now it is about how we collectively reduce our impact on our planet thus ensuring its survival – and the survival of all its residents. Deloitte Africa have taken deliberate steps to ensure that we operate ethically and  responsibly, leaving behind a legacy of positive impact with a focus on reducing our footprint. We adopt new technology, innovative solutions and work with various groups of people who are driven to achieve our sustainability goals. We believe that for us to truly be authentic advisors, that can be trusted by our clients,  we need to live by example.

Ruwayda Redfearn, the Deloitte Africa Chief Executive Office, has been very purposeful about embedding a shift in mindset across all areas of the firm. One such shift was the appointment of Deloitte Africa’s first Chief Sustainability Officer, Ashleigh Theophanides. Although sustainability has long been a priority for the firm, this appointment ensures a focused approach is taken consistently, ensuring measurable impact.

“At Deloitte Africa, we take a long-term view on creating value rather than myopically seeking out short-term gains. We appreciate that this may require trade-offs, ensuring we can focus our efforts on making a lasting impact for people and our planet,” noted Ruwayda in the 2022 Deloitte Africa Impact Report.

WorldClimate is our global strategy to drive responsible climate choices within our organisation and beyond. This is one of the ways in which we are bringing our organisation’s purpose to life, which is to make an impact that matters. Our strategy is based around four commitments.

To us, sustainability is a mindset, not a checklist, and we are working to ensure that it is integrated into all aspects of our business operations and cultur

- Ashleigh Theophanides, Deloitte Africa Chief Sustainability Officer

The actions of governments, businesses, and individuals have an undeniable impact on our world's climate, health, and equity outcomes. And the choices we make today will determine the quality of life for generations to come.

We believe that a better future is possible. But it will depend on sharing expertise and experience more broadly than ever before.

Together, let's reimagine the way we work and find new and lasting solutions.

Together, let's make an impact that matters.

Watch 'Deloitte Sustainability & Climate: Working together towards a sustainable future'

Deloitte Africa has identified these core areas of focus, with Ashleigh noting that these are foundational shifts.

Energy: with Africa facing a real energy crisis, it is our responsibility to act now in finding alternate solutions. We are proud to have made the shift towards hybrid solutions and are spearheading new thinking in this area.

Water Management: our water management systems are among the most advanced in the world and we are taking great care to ensure that the 'grey' water we produce within the firm is swiftly moved back into the system so there is almost zero wastage.

Waste Management: with our focus on shifting towards net-zero, we have focused attention on reducing our paper, plastic and general waste by implementing simple yet effective processes and solutions.  With almost 7000 employees, this shift has seen incredible results in meeting our net-zero goals.

Culture shift: with almost 7 000 people within the Deloitte Africa family across the continent, we are collectively able to make a measurable impact. Deloitte Africa has considered its approach to SMART meetings, removing plastic from its canteens and working with like-minded suppliers.

We are incredibly proud of the milestones we have made already but realise that this is a journey and there is more that must be done. Deloitte Africa takes this responsibility seriously and is eager to be a responsible global and African citizen. Our work has received local and global recognition, which indicates we are on the right path. 

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