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The Africa Deloitte Health Equity Institute

Our purpose

being. This requires that we address the drivers of health, also known as social determinants of health. Lack of health equity disproportionately affects lower-income communities, as highlighted most recently by the COVID-19 pandemic. Deloitte has established the Deloitte Health Equity Institutes to build upon a decade of impact made by the Deloitte US Centre for Health Solutions. The Institutes are dedicated to convening and amplifying crisis response through three initial commitments, with more to come in the days ahead.


Ashleigh leads the Deloitte Africa life sciences and health care industry as well as the Africa Deloitte Health Equity Institute for the continent. Her focus for the past 20 years has been providing services within the life sciences and health care industry to clients in both the public and private sector. Her work spans the breadth of the industry and includes research conducted on the African health sector including: disease burden and modelling, the regulatory environment, characteristics of health care users, funding and budgets as well as exploring the potential future course of the life sciences sector on the African continent. Ashleigh is a qualified health care actuary and holds a health care practicing certificate, she is recognised as a Fellow of both the Actuarial Society of South Africa (ASSA) and the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) in the Unit.


Gillian is the Africa Life Sciences & Health Care Industry Strategist and is responsible for the strategy implementation and operations of the Deloitte Life Sciences & Health Care industry. This includes working with the industry leadership on key clients and strategic initiatives across the region including the Deloitte Africa Health Equity Institute. Gillian has 20 years experience in the professional services industry, specifically focused in the government, public and private health and the pharmaceutical sectors. She has led and delivered several strategic projects including government and private sector stakeholder engagements on key policy issues and projects that impact the health care ecosystem with the purpose of improving access to health care in South Africa.


Hanns is the project manager for the recently launched Africa Deloitte Health Equity Institute. Under the umbrella of the Africa Deloitte Health Equity Institute, Hanns is the project manager on the Expand the Ward initiative, which aims to assist local government with negating the worst effects of the COVID-19 pandemic by leveraging Deloitte’s technology assets, logistics expertise and project management experience. In addition, Hanns is the Actuarial and Analytics Solutions (A&AS) Economics Lead at Deloitte. With extensive experience and academic training as a macroeconomist, Hanns provides a unique analytical approach into consulting and project management, aligned with his knowledge of the South African economy and economic trends across the African continent.


Strengthening health equity-focused organisations to advance ecosystems. By establishing the African Deloitte Health Equity Institute, Deloitte is expanding its existing long-term commitment to aligning ecosystems of community-based organisations, government agencies, academics, and the private sector. Efforts are focused on enhancing research, driving equitable health outcomes, and accelerating interventions that help address the drivers of health equity. Additionally, Deloitte is increasing our financial commitment to funding the Institute and its expanded scope.

Convening leaders to prioritize health equity action as a core component across organizations and industries.

DHEI is collaborating with WEF to develop the Global Health Equity Network and its focus on influencing how Fortune 500 companies think about—and act on—health equity. It will also work to create standards for health equity measurement and help to better embed health equity into ESG.

National, regional, and local data on health equity

The Deloitte Health Equity Institute is dedicated to making advanced data and analytics tools publicly available to support all communities, organisations, and individuals working to advance health care equity. To do it, we’re applying proprietary analytics platforms to target interventions, mobilize action, and identify health equity in particular geographies.

Policy Navigator Tool

Deloitte Africa is proud to host the Policy Navigator Tool, an interactive dashboard that displays COVID-19 policy information plotted against case data on a per-country basis.

Join the conversation

Looking to talk more about health equity or advance your own efforts to advance issues of equitable care? We’d love to learn how we can help you work toward better health outcomes. Let’s talk and make a meaningful difference.


Learn more about Deloitte’s efforts to provide perspective, leadership, and actionable insights to businesses, communities, and health care organizations.

Actionable insights and playbooks

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Community-based vaccination clinic

A detailed framework for supporting the rapid development and launch of vaccination clinics to aid in addressing vaccine deserts.

Mass vaccination campaign

With this playbook, we outline how to drive the value chain for a mass vaccination site, with logistics, an operating model, resources, technology, workflow, and a timeline of activities for each type of site.

Toward a resilient system of health

This report examines the changes in New York’s health care planning, financing, and delivery system that are necessary to achieve a healthier and more equitable city.

Supporting Government’s COVID-19 Response

Deloitte continues to support the South African government...

Nigeria Supply Chain Integration Project

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Deloitte’s partnership with Right to Care (RTC) in response to COVID-19

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The Deloitte Center for Health Solutions is your source for a fresh perspective on health care. Creating action through our commitment to contribute to issues created by COVID-19 and broader disparities in health.


Learn how we are striving to advance health equity in...





Learn how we are striving to advance health equity in...