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Together we can create a better tomorrow

"Keeping the lights on is our biggest priority. Our most pressing priority is finding alternative solutions that can be rolled out across Africa."

Energy is the lifeblood for any society, and they are the engines that supports economic activity. Without a sustainable solution to the continent’s energy dilemmas, we will face greater challenges in the future. Deloitte Africa has started the process of implementing smart energy solutions that considers:

  • We have installed occupancy light sensors throughout our offices and only use LED lighting.
  • The solar panel installation on the roof is expected to reduce our electricity needs from Coal power by approximately 30%
  • In our Cape Town office, +- 12000 eco bricks were used to fill concrete voids which was a construction first at the time. Normally polystyrene bricks are used for this.
  • Our geysers have been fitted with timers so that they are not using electricity when not needed.
  • We switch off all the buildings electricity for a period each evening with the only lights remaining on being for security purposes.
  • The Thermally Active building system in our Cape Town office circulates cold water through the slabs in Warmer months which helps to cool the office
  • Artificial lighting supplements natural lighting from the large windows thereby utilising less electricity
  • In our Waterfall & Cape Town office,
    • the blinds in the office are automated and based on annual sun cycles. The blinds come down automatically when the sun is coming through the windows which assists with keeping the floors cool and therefore reduces the reliance on Air-Conditioners.
    • the windows throughout the office are double glazed to further reduce heat in the office requiring Air conditioner cooling.
    • the large open plan layout has reduced the total air-cons required further reducing our electricity consumption.

Did you know? Our Cape Town office, The Ridge, is amongst the greenest commercial buildings worldwide. Outside of the traditional interventions taken, we worked closely with the building developer to implement cutting edge solutions: 

  • The office has a timber façade which is a renewable material that assists in insulation thereby reducing the electricity demands of heating and cooling the building 
  • The HVAC system is within the floor. This helps to use less electricity as the cool air rises slowly pushing the hot air upwards. The hot air is automatically released from the opening roof when the pressure builds.
  • An electronic system has been implemented for the windows which notifies staff when they can open the windows to allow for natural airflow and the aircon then automatically switches off. On the 3rd floor, this happens automatically through the use of actuators. 
  • Planted balconies around the building have multiple benefits, including shading in summer and passive microclimate cooling. 
  • The lighting design integrates natural daylight and artificial light to maximise comfort and use less electricity

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“Together, we can make an impact that matters as every action makes a positive contribution to responding to the client threat. We all have a responsibility to act today.” 

“Every positive action is impactful”