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Remuneration Survey

Deloitte in Partnership with ITWeb IT Salary Survey 2023.

Complete our survey and contribute to a unique local salary benchmark

Deloitte publishes a number of remuneration surveys and related reports on an ongoing basis, providing information regarding benchmarks and trends in remuneration in the South African market.

All surveys are published on our RemWeb Survey Portal – an online benchmarking tool providing a range of analyses and reporting options to dynamically transform data.

In addition to our standard salary surveys, Deloitte also conducts bespoke remuneration surveys for our clients. This offers a confidential means to obtain specific insights and benchmarks for a select market.

Covers general staff levels, from unskilled to middle management.

Benchmarks are published per job title with national, functional, geographic and industry analysis. It further provides benchmarks of the graded data per job. Graded table benchmarks in Paterson, T.A.S.K.® and Peromnes® grades.

Includes Salary Movements and Workplace Practices report, identifying Reward trends across the various industries.

Benchmarking executive pay based on similar sized entities.

Serves as a practical reference source for remuneration committees, executive boards and top management.  Includes data from all participants as well as all publicly available and researched director remuneration.

Includes the Non-Executive Directors Remuneration report.

Focuses on jobs unique to the industry.

Regular interaction with clients through workshops and snapshot surveys ensures that the market information provided by these surveys remains dynamic and that the strategic value of the information keeps pace with the constantly changing business environment.

A broad agriculture industry survey covering a wide variety of agriculture roles from farming, silo management to soft commodity and trade.

Available at a discounted price to SANSOR members for 2022 publication.

Includes Salary Movements and Workplace Practices report specific to the industry.

Bespoke surveys in line with specific client requirements.

Enables the selection of participants to invite and jobs to be surveyed.

May include a custom questionnaire to further establish specific practices and trends linked to remuneration, benefits and allowances.

RemWeb Survey Portal

All Deloitte’s benchmarking remunerations surveys are powered by RemWeb. This on-line benchmarking tool provides a range of analyses and report options that transforms static data into dynamic information that can be used for critical decision-making.

Web-based portal, with multi-facetted authentication : Access to survey publications subscribed to for multiple users

Easy navigation and ability to apply various filters and selections : Each user linking only to surveys they are authorised to access

Each user linking only to surveys they are authorised to access : Terminology definitions included in narrative report

Terminology definitions included in narrative report : Portal access valid for a year - includes previously subscribed publications

Portal access valid for a year - includes previously subscribed publications : Training provided on the use of the portal

Survey Reports

Published benchmarks are available via a number of reports in the RemWeb Survey Portal.These reports apply easy filters to drill down to specific information required; and are downloadable into various applications.

Survey Report: Download the Infographic