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Employee communications

Stitch are reward and benefit communication specialists. Crafting bespoke experiences that educate, energise, and enlighten.

The thread connecting you to your people

Authentic employee communication is the thread that connects your business with your most valuable resource, your people.

As part of Deloitte, we weave together technical expertise with creative wonder, to deliver the results that matter.

Your challenges are our inspiration. We are not your typical agency. We engage in consultative, challenging, and collaborative exploration, drawing upon the expertise of our best-in-class strategists to solve your problems and meet objectives.

Transcending expectations. We offer a collection of skills, from transformative design to captivating animations, to must-read copy. Our creative approach ensures that your vision will come to life and leave a lasting impression on you and your people.

Your projects are our mission. Operating on a global scale, we will address your challenges, and speak your language. Consider our delivery team an extension of your team - seamlessly integrating with your business to deliver results you will be proud of.

Are you thinking what we’re thinking?

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The Stitchers

We're a curious and spirited bunch of communication consultants, strategic thinkers, creatives and multi-talented project managers. We’re constantly on the lookout for the newest and best ways of delivering messages that get people talking. We do quite a lot of talking ourselves.