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Mixing the perfect comms cocktail: Inspiring and celebrating employee success

Inspiring and celebrating employee success

Mixing the perfect comms cocktail:

  • Inspiring animations
  • Clear and engaging plan guides
  • Emotive employee-facing presentations
  • Helpful HR tool kits

Campari Group were launching two new global share offerings and needed all employees around the world to feel excited and invested in both plans. Timings were tight and they needed a communications partner who could understand and explain the technical detail quickly and easily.

We produced a series of posters, plan summaries, animations and guides featuring powerful and memorable styling to create an emotional connection with all employees.

Watch the animation

Campari Group wanted an inspiring, memorable and original animated story that not only communicated, but celebrated employee share ownership.

Going the extra mile

With a truly global, diverse employee base, encompassing vastly different levels of financial literacy, education, cultures, and digital access - explaining the concept of share ownership to those new to share plans was a challenge.

The Campari Group reward team wanted to recognise their employees hard work and celebrate their successes together, but were concerned that the true value of a Campari share wasn’t being clearly conveyed.

We set about to communicate the value of share ownership, bringing to life all the exciting benefits being an owner of a unique business could bring.


Global employees




Different languages


Years of history

Spirit of the brand

Campari Group’s two new share plans needed articulating, and with both being distinctly different offerings, it was imperative they felt connected. 

We were mindful that Campari Group have a long-standing association with the world of art and culture - with a rich history of collaborating with artists and designers in creating striking and memorable campaigns, in-line with its origins.

We felt passionate about connecting to the spirit of their brand and their artists, so we created unique character illustrations that represented their vast employee base.

Cheers to that

With fresh and exciting visuals coupled with clever copywriting, we were able to deliver communications that inspired and celebrated Camparistas.

The end result mirrored the ambitious vision of Campari Group. And such was the excitement among employees, that a staggering 95% of over 4,000 employees globally, accepted into the free share award.

In addition, we were told that within the first hours of launch over 100 employees signed up to the Camparista Shares matching share plan. Truly a great result for all involved.

We needed a solid and trusted partner able to intercept the needs and challenges linked to the communication of the ESOP: Stitch has proved to be an invaluable partner in designing and delivering a communications and engagement strategy globally.

— Laura Sprea, Global Internal Communication Manager at Campari

95% acceptance rate

Global employees emphatically wanted the free share award.

100+ at launch

Approximately 2.5% of employees signed up at launch.

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