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Episode 5: AI in Product Development

In this episode, Stacy is joined by Paul Haimes, Vice President of EMEAI Solutions Consulting at PTC, to discuss the rise in AI in the product development space and how it can be leveraged in generative design practices to increase productivity and creativity in product design.
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Key insights you’ll hear in this podcast


  1. Productivity and creativity: generative design techniques allow engineers to be more productive and creative by iterating faster and generating solutions that humans may not have come up with.
  2. Sustainability and generative design: engineers are using generative capabilities more to consider how products can be designed more sustainably e.g. minimising carbon debt, using less exotic materials, replacing non-recyclable materials.
  3. Virtual verification: with AI at the heart of generative design, engineers now have the opportunity to make decisions in real-time to quickly scenario different conditions and reduce testing timelines. This allows them to test products in a virtual world, before building prototypes with a much higher success rate.
  4. Openness to change and acceptance: organisations should educate themselves and be open to experimenting with AI, realising it is an accelerator that can help build products faster and cheaper, but that are also more durable, reliable and safer.
  5. Bringing technologies together: it's important to view generative AI as part of a wider technology transformation, and that being able to harness the power of all existing and emerging technologies together is where the real strength lies.

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