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Product Development of Tomorrow podcast series

The Product Development of Tomorrow podcast delves into the detail the latest product design and development practices, from legislation and incentivisation programmes to key topics such as modularity, circular economy and sustainability.

Over this series we have brought together Deloitte subject matter experts to explore the opportunities and emerging trends in product development of tomorrow, with the intent of demystify theses emerging trends, and provide valuable insight into their impact on sustainable product development.

Join us today to discover how you can help your organisation thrive in an ever-evolving world.

Episode 4: Digital Thread
In this episode, Stacy is joined by Jordan Schiemer, an experienced senior consultant from the Deloitte US firm, to discuss the flow of data through ‘design, make and operate’ and the importance of it allowing you to fail fast and often with minimum capital investment to physically build the next innovative product, taking into consideration industry specific nuances.

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Episode 3: Cyber & Security
In this episode, Stacy is joined by Deloitte’s Cyber and Security experts, Rob Hayes and Jack Borg-Cardona to discuss the increasing importance of cyber and security across industry sectors and fundamentally coupling digital transformation with cyber and security transformation to enable safe and secure digital product development with minimised risk of cyber attacks.

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Episode 2: Increased Regulation
In this episode, Stacy is joined by Circular economy expert, James Pennington, and Indirect Tax Director and Environmental Tax lead, Zoe Hawes, to discuss what an increasingly regulated future means for product development and the supply chain. It specifically covers recent and future EU and UK regulations around circular economy and provides examples of the tax implications and incentives and considerations for organisations.

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Episode 1: Product Development for Sustainability
In this episode, Stacy will be joined by Deloitte’s Circular Economy expert James Pennington to discuss the importance of considering sustainability from a product’s cradle to grave, ensuring circularity focus is put on the upstream design stage to enable product designs that allow for re-manufacturing, recycling, and recovery. 

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