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Episode 2: Increased Regulation

In this episode, Stacy is joined by Circular economy expert, James Pennington, and Indirect Tax Director and Environmental Tax lead, Zoe Hawes, to discuss what an increasingly regulated future means for product development and the supply chain. It specifically covers recent and future EU and UK regulations around circular economy and provides examples of the tax implications and incentives and considerations for organisations.
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Key insights you’ll hear in this podcast

  • Future visibility on tax and regulation: getting visibility on what’s coming from a tax and regulatory perspective e.g. the EU circular economy action plan and the increase in UK regulations, EU Sustainable product initiative, Environmental Tax on plastic packaging, Extended Product Responsibility, CBAM - Carbon Tax and Pricing and Deposit return scheme.
  • What organisations need to consider when moving towards an increasingly regulated future: ensuring that the organisation is well equipped for the impending regulations/requirements that involve visibility into the breakdown of products making collaboration across the organisation and supply chain essential. Such initiatives include, sustainable product initiative – product passports, repairability/Durability Score, digital Product Passport (Global Battery Alliance example), systems for recording and managing data, eco modulation.
  • Collaboration across the value chain: collaboration is an important factor for success in an increasingly regulated world for ensuring visibility across the value chain and ecosystem, examples of collaboration include data existing up and down the value chain and Support from across the ecosystem e.g. startups or industry

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