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Episode 1: Product Development for Sustainability

In this episode, Stacy Dyer will be joined by Deloitte’s Circular Economy expert James Pennington to discuss the importance of considering sustainability from a product’s cradle to grave, ensuring circularity focus is put on the upstream design stage to enable product designs that allow for re-manufacturing, recycling, and recovery.
Product Development of Tomorrow Podcast Series

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Key insights you’ll hear in this podcast

  • Overview of design for sustainability: Explore how the circular economy principle emphasises waste reduction in product design through practices like green chemistry, material selection, and improved recyclability and repairability.
  • Importance of the business model: Understand how a company’s business model influences a product’s lifecycle, including usage intensity and design incentives. Discover the benefits of service models, such as recurring revenue, and extending product lifecycles through reutilisation and charitable donations.
  • Pioneering industries: Learn how industries like consumer packaging, automotive, and energy lead the way in sustainable design. Identify key drivers such as social pressure in consumer packaging, and the need for material reuse in renewable energy.
  • Business benefits in product design for sustainability: Explore how sustainability enhances transparency in emissions reporting, regulatory compliance and public perception. Discover the positive impact of sustainable design and service models on customer loyalty and engagement.
  • Overcoming barriers: Address concerns about costs and compromises in product quality. Discover examples, like LEGO’s efforts to maintain quality while ensuring sustainability. Understand the challenges companies face in incentivising staff and adapting finance, logistics, and supply chain structures for service models.

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