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Who has the potential to lead in the new world?

Recent years have presented a shift in the demands on leaders, with the advent of digital, acceleration of organisational transformation and political turbulence.

As digital disruption sweeps across every major industry, leadership capabilities are not keeping pace and the challenges faced by leaders have multiplied. The digital revolution, evolving regulatory requirements, demographic changes and demands for greater sustainability are some of the factors that are creating a tough new set of challenges for businesses and leaders as they move through the 21st century.


Many organisations have not yet successfully tackled the issue of how to effectively identify and develop those with the underlying potential to lead within this rapidly changing context. Pace, responsiveness and good commercial judgement have always been leadership  ‘must haves’. However, the need for innovation, the ability to navigate ambiguity and complexity, as well as an increasingly diverse workforce with differing needs and drivers, suggests a new breed of leader is required to achieve success. 

If you would like to find out more about our model of Leadership Potential and the approaches we use to measure against it, please contact Andy Clayton, Leadership Practice Leader

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