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Pasifika Services Group - Pås Peau

Connecting to deliver better outcomes for Pasifika



Our focus is on building Pasifika capability through partnership. We help build capability within the Pasifika community by collaborating with organisations and individuals committed to delivering better outcomes for Pasifika – including public sector, private sector and non-profit organisations.

About Pås Peau

Noaˈia, Tālofa lava, Kia Orana, Mālō e lelei, Ni Sa Bula Vinaka, Fakaalofa lahi atu, Mālō nī and Warm Pacific Greetings! Pås Peau is Deloitte’s Pasifika Services Group (pronounced ‘pas pe-oh’).

The name is Rotuman and literally translates as ‘to break through waves’. It serves as a metaphor to describe our aim to do things differently and to challenge the status quo in order to deliver better outcomes for the Pasifika community. We will do this by working collaboratively and in partnership with our clients, by seeking out innovative solutions, involving the right experts and ensuring Pasifika values are at the core of everything we do.

Our Pås Peau image tells the story of a new journey together:

  • The turtle is a sacred animal for many Pasifika cultures and represents the ocean (which binds us all together) – it is a survivor and can live for hundreds of years. It represents resilience, longevity and wisdom (strengths of the turtle). The turtle is often perceived as slow but it is graceful, sleek, speedy and skilled in the ocean. It too is endangered (like many Pasifika languages and cultures) but with the support of allies it is making a comeback.
  • The tanoa is the centrepiece for uniting all Pasifika cultures – reminding us that we can’t do this alone – we need collaboration and collectivism.  It is a repository where Pasifika ancestral rituals are held connecting us with millennia of history and with our ancestors.
  • The compass represents navigating this together and in the same direction. It also reminds us of the strength and determination of our ancestors, the original wayfinders, who navigated unchartered seas using  the stars and other signs from the ocean and the sky in order to discover new lands and new beginnings.
  • The bright colours represent our hopes for a brighter future for the Pasifika community while embracing its vibrant and amazing cultures.


Aotearoa’s demographics are changing

The Pasifika population makes up a growing proportion of Aotearoa’s population, with more people identifying as Pasifika born in Aotearoa than ever before. Almost two thirds of the Pasifika population live in Auckland, which is the largest Polynesian city in the world. Pasifika people in Aotearoa encompass 16 distinct ethnicities, languages and cultures. All are unique with their own story but there are some common values that bind them together.

Demographic summary: In the 2018 census

Source: Statistics New Zealand

Public sector and Government – co-design, implement and evaluate

We work closely with government agencies to ensure the right outcomes are delivered for Pasifika communities through various targeted programmes and initiatives. This work includes supporting the co-design and implementation of transformative initiatives that aim to deliver better results for Pasifika. We help our clients to make bold and informed choices about where to play and how best to make a meaningful impact for the Pasifika community. 

We also work with government agencies to monitor and evaluate investments and funding programmes to ensure their funding decisions have delivered the best outcome for all involved, including the communities the funding is intended to benefit.  

Pasifika businesses – tailored business advice focussed on growth

Pasifika businesses are a key part of Aotearoa’s economy, and we’re passionate about supporting them as they thrive and grow. Our team can connect you with experts across Deloitte, whether you’re looking for specialised risk or digital consultants, advice around procurement and tendering or to outsource tax and accounting work. Our team has an awareness of and acknowledges the unique economic development challenges facing Pasifika businesses, which in our opinion, is necessary for impactful engagement with Pasifika businesses.

We also work closely with our partner agency, the Pacific Business Trust, to provide tailored and expert business advice to Pasifika businesses – focussed on growth, building capability and moving Pasifika businesses further up their respective industry supply chains.  

Pasifika organisations and providers – governance and financial advisory services

Working with Pasifika social providers and non-profit organisations is an important part of our work as a team, and something we’re very passionate about. We work with Pasifika social sector organisations to strengthen their governance, systems, processes and controls to enable them to focus on doing what they do best - delivering impactful services to the community.

We also have experience in supporting non-profit organisations to develop evaluation frameworks to define and measure the impact of an organisation’s activities – a critical phase for organisations seeking to improve the effectiveness and impact of their initiatives and services and to provide confidence to funders about their investment spend. 

Our services in the South Pacific

Aotearoa is a Pacific country and we are connected to other South Pacific nations by culture, history, politics, geography and family. Our services extend beyond Aotearoa and we have experience providing services in the Pacific Islands.  This means we understand how to do business in the islands – we understand and appreciate the history, the culture and the importance of relationships and networks. We welcome the opportunity to contribute and make an impact for our neighbours in the South Pacific region.  

Pås Peau is a collective of passionate individuals with a diverse range of skills and expertise. Our united goal is to make a positive impact for Pasifika organisations and the wider Pasifika community, by enabling them with the right skills and tools to deliver exciting, bold new outcomes.

Many of our team are Pasifika, or have extensive experience working with Pasifika communities and businesses. We understand the key cultural values that are at the heart of Pasifika organisations and we are passionate about delivering better outcomes for the Pasifika community.

The team is led by Amy Dove – get in touch using the contact details below. 

We have teamed up with the Pacific Business Trust and the Ministry of Social Development to provide business support workshops for Pasifika organisations impacted by COVID-19. If you’re a Pasifika organisation and are looking for support and advice during this difficult time, you can find more information and key contacts here.

We know that there’s more we can do for the Pasifika community beyond providing professional services. That’s why we are proud to support a number of internships and scholarships, which provide young Pacific people with opportunities to thrive and make an impact.

We currently support:

  • Tupu Toa - Scholarship partnership

The Tupu Toa Internship Programme  is a pathway that provides professional opportunities for Māori and Pacific tertiary students into corporate, government and community organisations.

  • Prime Minister’s Pacific Youth Award - Commercial and Corporate Award

The Commercial and Corporate Award recognises a young person who has shown significant academic achievement or business activity in the fields of commerce, accounting, marketing, international business or similar. The winner of this category will receive a paid Deloitte internship in our Wellington or Auckland offices, valued at $10,000.

  • Pacific Cooperation Foundation

We are proud to host Pacific Cooperation Foundation interns as part of PCF’s Summer Internship initiative.

  • 2022 Pacific Business Trust Awards

Our Pås Peau team proudly sponsored the Fetu'u Fo'ou Award for Young Pacific Entrepreneurs at the 2022 Pacific Business Trust  Awards gala. The award recognises Pacific entrepreneurs who are breaking ground across Aotearoa, as well as those who are contributing positively to the community through their social endeavouring.