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Reward, Employment Tax, Share Plans & Mobility

Reward, employment tax, share plans & mobility designed just for you

We help you design cost-effective, tax-efficient, and compliant reward and payroll programmes that align with talent strategies and diverse workforce needs. 

Effective, compliant, and human-centred

We provide advisory services to support your compensation plans, employment taxes and payroll. Together, we can create local reward programmes that can benefit both your business and your employees—aligning them with talent strategies and your diverse workforce needs. 

We evaluate compensation-related tax matters across a business’ life cycle, including mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and general restructuring.

We work with you to create total reward programmes, incentives and benefits that are attractive to employees and provide an efficient return on investment.

Working with organisations of all sizes and across industries—from businesses with a handful of foreign-national hires to those with thousands of international assignees—we can help your HR team support your mobile workforce.

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