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2023 Global Impact Report

Our people

Enabling our people to make an impact throughout their career journeys

As a global organization built on intellectual curiosity and creative problem-solving, supporting and developing our most valuable assets—our people—is our top priority. The Deloitte Global Gen Z and Millennial Survey shows how the disruptive events of the last few years have shaped the lives and views of these generations, leaving them concerned about their professional futures. They seek flexibility and prioritize mental health—along with a healthy balance between work and life, career advancement, and feeling a genuine sense of purpose and connection. Deloitte is committed to supporting our 457,000 people around the world with meaningful and challenging work, development opportunities and resources throughout their careers, an inclusive culture to help them thrive, and competitive, market-based compensation and benefits.

With market realities and client needs changing rapidly, driven largely by advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and other technologies, learning and development (L&D) is key. We continue to evolve our approach, with a focus on accelerating agility and innovation, strengthening capabilities around critical challenges facing Deloitte clients and our global society, and delivering tech-focused reskilling that rides the wave of innovation sweeping across so many aspects of life. This includes hot skills training around AI, cloud, and cyber, as well as “hiring to train” programs where future Deloitte people gain the credentials and on-the-job experiences they need to help them succeed in future roles.

Deloitte is working to transform the future of L&D through initiatives such as Project 120, a US$1.4 billion strategic investment in the growth and development of our people. With a name inspired by the top speed of thought—120 meters per second—Deloitte US’s Project 120 is designed to identify professionals’ evolving needs and anticipate market demands, in order to provide dynamic learning experiences customized to the individual and delivered in the flow of work. During the past year, Deloitte also hosted our first-ever Global Sustainability and Climate Learning Week, a multi-modal experience that offered our people a mix of live, on-demand, and virtual opportunities for education, awareness, engagement, and action.

We have also continued to expand our investment in Deloitte University (DU), the cornerstone of our organization’s commitment to leadership development and technical training for Deloitte people around the world. Since opening the Westlake, Texas location in 2011, we’ve launched additional facilities in Brussels, Hyderabad, Mexico City, Singapore, and Toronto, and have new sites under construction in Beijing and Paris. In 2023 we also broke ground on a significant expansion of the original facility in Texas. Being together for “moments that matter” is critical as we develop the next generation of leaders, as well as create—and strengthen—the connections that are so important to succeeding in a global organization serving multinational clients.

Providing an inclusive workplace where our people can thrive

Through Deloitte’s diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategy, we seek to provide a workplace culture founded on respect and characterized by inclusive behaviors and an appreciation for all forms of diversity. Global DEI at Deloitte focuses not only on enabling our people to live our Shared Values and thrive in a culture that is respectful and inclusive, but also on designing and delivering targeted actions and interventions that can make a positive impact when it comes to our aspirational DEI goals. We provide an array of programing and internal resources throughout the year to foster everyday inclusion and help Deloitte people feel more confident having conversations in the workplace about diversity-related topics.

Externally, Deloitte Global continues to publish research and practical insights into diversity-related topics. During the past year, we examined trends and developments related to women’s equity in the workplace in Women @ Work: A Global Outlook, as well as in Policies for Change: Government Levers for Enabling Workplace Gender Equality. We also took a closer look at LGBT+ inclusion in the LGBT+ Inclusion at Work report, and mental health in the Gen Z and Millennial Survey Mental Health Deep Dive.

Additionally, Deloitte campaigns helped further the conversation and promote everyday inclusion in the societies around the world where Deloitte operates. Deloitte’s International Women’s Day campaign, #ImAWomanAnd, was a call to action for each of us to help stop the assumptions that are still too often made about women. Similarly, our World Mental Health Day campaign focused on breaking down the self-reinforcing patterns—such as the standard response “I’m fine” when asked how you’re doing—that can keep us from having candid conversations about mental health in the workplace. Deloitte’s Pride celebration this year continued our theme of #QueerAllYear, emphasizing the importance of supporting LGBT+ inclusion year-round.

To demonstrate our commitment to supporting people with disabilities and individuals who are neurodivergent, Deloitte proudly signed the International Labour Organization’s Global Business and Disability Network Charter. The charter provides a comprehensive framework to help organizations achieve business success while simultaneously creating equal opportunities for people with disabilities and neurodiverse individuals.

Our people by the numbers