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Deloitte University: Building a Global Culture

Deloitte University launched in 2011, offering Deloitte professionals and clients leadership and technical training at locations across the globe. It also functions as an important cultural unifier for Deloitte.

What began as a cost-savings idea evolved into a culture and brand-building cornerstone of Deloitte. In 2005, believing that learning and development was a critical part of a people strategy refresh, then-Deloitte LLP Managing Partner Barry Salzberg initiated a complete evaluation of Deloitte’s learning and development agenda including a “clicks vs. bricks debate” at the annual partners, principals and directors meeting the following year.

After much research, evaluation and debate, ground was broken in October 2009 on a $300 million investment that was to become Deloitte University: The Leadership Center; an intentional space committed to growing the world’s best leaders. Deloitte professionals began attending leadership development programs at the 800-room DU facility in Westlake, Texas, in October 2011.

To fulfill Deloitte’s promise to develop leaders across the global network, DU facilities soon rose up in Canada, Mexico, Belgium, India and Singapore.

Every year, Deloitte professionals, clients and community members who attend programs at Deloitte University campuses around the world share a space of learning and discovery, commit to their growth as leaders, and make new connections. DU is a place where an organization the size of Deloitte can act small, experiment and try new things. Teams of professionals, client groups and thought leaders attend DU to navigate from now to next. Innovative platforms contribute to wellness and draw on the best thinking to address society’s most pressing problems. Learning and innovation models have been instituted to redefine the possible through rapid prototyping, application of new and emerging technologies, and distinctively Deloitte approaches to new and persistent challenges.

When you have [a] virtual workforce all over the world, bringing people together physically [at Deloitte University] is important: It’s that human connection.

- Jane E. Kinney, retired vice chair, Banking Advisory, Deloitte Canada