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Investment Management

As leaders in delivering services to the Investment Management sector, our group can provide resources and capabilities, resulting in a better understanding of your specific markets and way of doing business.

Deep industry experience to enable growth

Working with some of the largest names in Investment Management, we have a broad, yet deep, level of industry experience across the ecosystem, giving us a fresh, forward-looking perspective. We use this experience to drive a more sustainable, digital, and trustworthy financial network—thereby enabling the transition life cycle.  

Our Investment Management clients include investment advisers and administrators from each sector of the industry, including asset managers, broker-dealers, banks, insurance companies, mutual funds, investment partnerships, hedge funds, sovereign wealth funds, public pension funds, alternative products, and other money managers.

We can provide specialized knowledge and fresh insights into the wide range of operational, technological, and regulatory challenges surrounding the industry today. Whether you are in private equity, hedge funds or mutual funds, our Investment Management services can help you take on challenges and capitalize on business opportunities. 

Deloitte can give you an integrated approach to business challenges that combines insight and innovation from multiple disciplines to help organizations excel around the world.

Explore the Financial Services industry

Banking & Capital Markets

Through our cutting-edge digital solutions and industry predictions, we can help you streamline internal operations and transform the way your customers finance, spend, invest, and save. 


As insurance regulations become stricter and customer behaviors shift, we can help you deliver on the future of insurance through scalable, digital solutions grounded in Deloitte-owned insights.  

Real Estate

Across the spectrum of real estate, we tap into our experience to deliver solutions that can address how companies finance, invest, build, and use their real estate. 

Mergers & Acquisitions

We support buyers and sellers in creating value in mergers and acquisitions. We can address the specific needs of corporate and private equity investors throughout the M&A business life cycle.