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MOKO Social Media Limited (Administrators Appointed)

Insolvency case information

Appointment type: Administrators Appointed
Appointment date:  31 May 2017
ACN: 111 082 485
Appointees:  Jason Tracy
Office: Perth
Enquiries:       General enquiries                 Media enquiries

                         Corina Kast                            Simon Rushton        
                         Tel:+61 8 9365 7985              Tel: +61 2 9322 5562
                         Email                                      Email


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We wish to advise that Tim Heenan and Jason Tracy, of Deloitte Financial Advisory Pty Ltd were appointed Joint and Several Voluntary Administrators of the Company late on 31 May 2017.

I wish to advise that Tim Heenan retired as Administrator of the Company on 20 September 2017, leaving me as the sole Administrator.

MOKO Social Media Limited ("MOKO") creates, markets and supports innovative apps designed to serve and engage the US college and high school sports communities via interactive tools and content. With a presence at over 1,250 colleges and more than 3,400 high schools, MOKO occupies a market-leading position in sports management and recreation centre administration. We access this coveted market through exclusive agreements with the largest student sports data providers in the US.

MOKO products include the award-winning college sports management app REC*IT, campus fitness app REC*IT FITNESS, custom "white label" rec center app REC*IT Plus, rec director utility app REC*IT Admin and high school sports management app BigTeams powered by REC*IT.