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Together, Deloitte and Anaplan can help clients enhance business planning and execution for sales, operations, and finance using cloud-based connected planning.

About our alliance

What if planning could improve both your top and bottom line? Leveraging the native capabilities of Anaplan's platform and Deloitte's breadth of industry experience and unique transformational capabilities, we can get you there.

With the power of connected planning combined with cognitive capabilities and predictive analytics, we can help transform how your business makes strategic operational and financial decisions. Increase visibility across your organisation, connect siloed data, and take your real-time planning and forecasting to an entirely new level.

Deloitte's industry-leading solutions, powered by the cloud-based planning software of Anaplan, can help connect your people to your data, enabling you to navigate an ever-changing market so you can make more informed decisions, drive revenue, and accelerate profitability.

2021 Global Partner of the year

For the seventh year in a row, Deloitte was awarded Anaplan's Global Partner of the Year award in recognition of our contribution to helping our joint clients use connected planning to drive profitable revenue growth, improve operational efficiency, and generate new insights into improving enterprise value.

Deloitte and Anaplan industry solutions

Deloitte has several go-to-market industry solutions that leverage Anaplan's cloud-based business planning software. We currently have solutions for the following areas:

Sales operations: Providing cloud-based tools to enhance sales planning and forecasting tasks such as quota planning, territory planning, pricing and quoting, commissions calculation, sales forecasting, and sales capacity planning.

Finance planning and analysis: Helping clients find more effective ways to execute tasks such as financial consolidation, profitability analysis, balance sheet and cash planning, budgeting, forecasting and reporting, strategic planning, and workforce planning.

Trade promotion management: Providing consumer packaged goods companies sophisticated models to better manage trade promotions so they can balance revenue across channels and increase overall revenue and profitability.

Tax planning: Providing tools for transfer pricing and tax optimisation to help clients more effectively manage their tax liabilities.

Retail: Providing tools to help clients manage the increasingly complex end-to-end assortment planning process across digital and brick-and-mortar retail environments.

Insurance planning and compliance: Providing connected capabilities to help insurers manage the increasingly complex regulatory environment, including IFRS17. Adding value by making compliance part of the end-to-end planning and financial reporting cycle.

Learn how Deloitte Australia and Anaplan helped a global technology company streamline financial consolidation, business planning, and reporting across business units and borders.

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Learn how Deloitte’s commercial planning solution, which runs on Anaplan’s connected planning platform, is designed to help companies drive more effective collaboration in the development and in-year management of commercial plans.

Unlocking value through leading commercial planning capabilities

Teams from across Deloitte have come together to pre-build a set of end-to-end integrations designed to pass data between best-in-class cloud-based sales planning, pay, and execution platforms. Learn about how this powerful combination of cloud applications and integrations powered by Anaplan and Salesforce can help transform the way organisations plan and execute their sales strategies.

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Deloitte’s Connected assortment solution is powered by the cloud-based platform Anaplan for fast implementation and rapid scaling across a company’s planning functions. Embedded in it are many industry leading practices that help increase speed to value, including consistent approaches to assortment calculations, techniques for stratifying purchasing quantities against anticipated sales, and the ability to perform roll-ups and reporting.

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Deloitte’s higher education Anaplan model enables various process owners such as Central Budget and Finance, Department Chairs, and Institutional Research groups to maintain a real-time, connected planning model that can work seamlessly in all of these environments.

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Deloitte’s digital workforce planning solution is designed to harness the power of underutilised workforce data to give leaders an edge against market and internal forces. The Planning solution utilises predictive workforce analytics to help leaders expect the unexpected within their talent pool to increase or ramp-down their hiring needs.

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Deloitte’s Downstream oil & gas model is a planning model that breaks down functional and geographic silos that hamper many organisations.

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Science and art of quota setting

Deloitte’s Predictive Analytics Quota Setting Methodology focuses on three key pillars to improve accuracy, equitability, attainability, and time release of quotas.

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Deloitte’s Upstream Oil & Gas Model is a planning model that breaks down geographic and functional barriers that prohibit the sharing of information in the planning and forecasting process for upstream oil and gas companies. The model centralises inputs from many processes throughout the organisation, from production forecasting to commodity pricing and forecasting, tax, HR planning, AFE, and many more.

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Deloitte’s Zero-Based Budgeting In a Box application addresses the common cost towers applicable to all organisations regardless of industry. Powered by Anaplan’s connected planning platform which enables fast implementation and rapid scaling across your company’s planning functions, the solution addresses industry agnostic G&A expenses with leading practices that help increase speed to value, including consistent approaches to department budget planning with a base of zero, techniques for reducing expenses, and the ability to perform roll-ups and reporting. 

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Deloitte’s IFRS17 solution helps insurers comply with the new standard and also unlocks additional business value with a comprehensive set of functionalities to address contract service margin calculations, planning, budgeting, cost allocations, management information, reporting, and disclosures. It allows Anaplan users to run sensitivity analyses and simulations, scenario modelling, and IFRS17 impact assessments of any material changes in the business. These models, combined with Deloitte’s unified data and disclosure management platforms, deliver a cost effective—and value adding—end-to-end IFRS17 solution.

See the full catalog of Deloitte’s Anaplan apps and connected planning softwares.

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