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Enterprise Agility Leaders Program

A virtual three-day program that has been developed in collaboration between Deloitte and Melbourne Business School that will give leaders the tools they need to introduce agile ways of working across an organisation.

In response to disruption, leaders must build adaptable organisations that rapidly respond to changing market conditions in order to deliver customer value, be ahead of their competitors and remain relevant. With this, the pressure on today’s business leaders to hold a clear, but fast evolving, vision for the future is intense and the case for action around being agile and customer-centric is compelling. Understanding why agility may be important to your organisation and its implications is becoming critical.

This program is designed to help CEOs and other senior leaders to build an understanding of what adaptable organisations look like and the implications for an organisation through a leadership lens. It helps position leaders to have effective dialogue that progresses internal agendas around building an adaptable, customer-centric organisations. It also explores the implications for culture and leadership, and helps leaders align their understanding around what shifts they may have to make personally to lead effectively in an adaptable organisation.