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Deloitte Rapid eCommerce Accelerator

Launching your eCommerce in as little as two weeks.

Getting fitter faster through eCommerce

The world is changing faster than ever before and businesses must adapt quickly to thrive in the ‘new normal’. More than ever, your competitor is just one click away, and the previous existing loyalty could be easily changed due to reduced human interactions. The value of digital has accelerated, benefiting those who have pivoted to serve the needs of their increasingly online customer base. For others, it’s time to boost their digital capabilities, be it through B2C, B2B or D2C, and have it further integrated into the whole omni-channel customer experience proposition.

Meet the Deloitte Rapid eCommerce Accelerator

Drawing upon our extensive experience delivering eCommerce sites for some of the world’s most iconic brands, we have built an accelerated eCommerce delivery offering, to get you up and running in no time.

Our accelerator enables you to launch a transactional eCommerce site within two weeks, with a clear roadmap to evolve the digital experience after the first go live.

How we do it

The accelerator provides a tactical starting point and a roadmap to deliver a differentiated digital experience for your customers.

In two-weeks, our accelerator can deliver:

  • Product launch. Release 100 of your most popular products online.
  • Payment methods. Credit, debit cards and Paypal supported.
  • Branding. A site aligned to your existing visual style.

In 12-weeks, a further roadmap will deliver:

  • Operations. Increased product, inventory, customer and order integration.
  • Customer feedback. Automated research with customer insight dashboards to prioritize your future investments.
  • Content. Empower your team to manage content and create landing pages for future campaigns such as for a new season or for Black Friday.
  • Mobile first. A responsive digital storefront optimised for mobile.

Further to the first 12-weeks, we will work towards setting up a comprehensive eCommerce ecosystem, where we will optimize the customer experience and product speed to market.

Who is it for

The accelerator has been designed for businesses looking to address a Digital eCommerce gap, requiring speed to deliver a new platform to the market, or to create an agile product development process, becoming fit to respond to market changes and further enhance the current digital offering.

Revenue impacted by reduced retail store foot traffic.

How we can help: Rapidly launch a direct-to-consumer eCommerce site.

Ways of working and technology are inhibiting a culture of continuous improvement.

How we can help: Launch a modernised ecommerce platform that minimises time-to-market and endorses agile ways of working.

A transactional focus for sales is limiting customer self-service.

How we can help: Empower customers to self-serve, allowing sales teams to focus on higher value customers and next best conversations.

Labour intensive deployments to existing eCommerce sites is inhibiting ability to scale and pivot.

How we can help: Improve scalability and automate server deployments.

An absence of in-store interactions is creating blind spots in customer feedback.

How we can help: Introduce ability to continuously discover actionable customer insights and measure change impact by using a proven statistical approach instead of just following available trends.

Contact us to discuss how we can transform your eCommerce experience: