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Navigating the New Digital Divide

Digital influence in Australian retail

Many retailers are dramatically underestimating the influence of digital and are caught in a divide where they are making digital investments that primarily support their eCommerce business rather than their brick-and-mortar stores.

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Australian consumers have one of the highest appetites for digital engagement in the developed world. Digital interactions influence 40% of in-store visits in Australia, compared with 27% in the UK. 

This year, Deloitte conducted surveys with 2,001 random Australian consumers to understand how they engage with digital when shopping, and to quantify how these interactions influence their in-store purchase behaviours. The study shows that local retailers may be underestimating the power of digital influence on Australians’ shopping behaviour and the speed at which it is growing. 

What can retailers do to ride this wave of digital influence? Find out more in our report.

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