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Audit & Assurance Careers

Careers that go beyond the expected.

As the world's #1 professional services organisation, we have the breadth and depth of capability to bring our clients a point of view and deliver more than traditional audit and assurance services.

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Audit & Assurance is a critical business for Deloitte in Australia and globally. We provide audit and assurance services to a large number of the Top 100 ASX companies, global multinationals, and some of Australia's largest, most complex private companies. We are experiencing rapid momentum and growth across all segments of the market.

A career with Deloitte Audit & Assurance will give you the opportunity to be at the forefront of our profession, working with great people, clients, and technology, with endless opportunities to shape your career and make your mark. 

Our business areas
  • Audit
    As independent auditors, our purpose is profound and impactful - our work underpins the accuracy of the financial information that shareholders use to make economic and investment decisions. It's not just shareholders who rely on financial information produced by companies – customers, employees, and regulators are other key stakeholders. Ultimately, we serve the public interest through the trust and confidence we bring to financial reporting.

    Our audit team works with some of Australia’s biggest household names, rising stars, and leading multinationals in a range of sectors, including financial services, manufacturing, real estate, pharmaceutical, media, tech, and energy.

    Leveraging tech like never before, our audits go beyond the audit opinion and give our clients and their stakeholders insight and comfort as they look back but also look ahead.

  • Assurance
    Our Assurance business provides confidence, challenge, and advice to clients on some of their most important issues. Whether it’s for complex financial reporting, finance operations, M&A, governance, regulatory, ESG, or algorithm assurance, your input will help give our clients the assurance they need to make decisions and act. Our work is powered by innovative technology and a collaborative team spanning a range of expertise, including accounting, conduct, governance, compliance, technology, and operations.

  • National Office
    Our Accounting Technical and Quality & Risk functions focus on continuous improvement. They provide timely, practical assistance and technically sound advice to ensure our practitioners are supported with the right tools and resources at the right time.

The Analytic Solutions team is at the heart of the Audit & Assurance Digital Strategy across Deloitte Asia Pacific. Our team of data technologists, designers, developers, and management consultants coupled with our proprietary data analytics platform powers next-generation offerings to help clients make better data-driven decisions.

We're absolute data nerds and love working with numbers and large data sets (the more unstructured, the better). Data brings us together; our difference inspires creativity and our focus on culture is our adhesive! ​

Financial Services provide audit and regulatory services to companies in the financial services industry. This includes banks, non-bank lenders, superannuation funds, insurance companies, fin techs, and the many asset managers that exist. 

The work of our Financial Services team has a large regulatory component as most of these companies are regulated, not just by ethics. 

The Financial Services sector is the backbone of the economy, and it is important that the many mums and dads that have mortgages or their superannuation or their savings with these companies can know that those companies are strong and performing well. 

Working alongside talented and like-minded professionals, you will be part of our high-performing teams, delivering digitally-enabled audit services of the highest quality to our largest global clients in a diverse range of industry segments.

Learning on the job through hands-on coaching, feedback, and development opportunities, you will get exposure to solving technical accounting matters, using data analytics to analyse business drivers & performance as well as team leadership and client relationship building skills. In turn, you will play a critical role as both a coach and mentor for future talent.​

In the Global Markets team, you will get exposure to a diverse range of clients and work with some of the largest and best-known global and ASX-listed companies across a wide range of industries. ​

Industry segments include: ​

  • Consumer: Retail, wholesale, travel and hospitality​
  • Real Estate: REITs, Developers, and Fund Managers ​
  • TMT: Technology, media and telecommunications​
  • Healthcare and life sciences: Hospital owners and healthcare services​

Working with our global teams you will be able to demonstrate your knowledge of controls, SOX-related activities and overseeing group audits across our member network.​

Known internally as our Technology and Controls Team (TaCT) team, we provide specialist reviews of existing IT controls safeguarding corporate assets and cross-checks whether the IT controls are in line with the business.

We bring our IT and accounting skills to empower clients with a crystal-clear understanding of their technology controls and their performance in relation to the financial statement and core business operations. Our team of auditors is growing more than ever as the world recognises our talent.​ ​

Our IT specialists work closely with the financial auditors, to understand clients’ businesses, strategies and processes, IT architecture and risks. Our team keeps abreast of emerging technologies in the IT environment and helps in developing audit plans to counter financial risks that might be associated with the application of such technologies. We support clients in enhancing their IT control governance maturity.​

In the National Strategic audit team, you will work with some of Australia’s iconic ASX 100 companies and get real insight and understanding into the most prominent issues of the Australian business sector. ​

Industry segments include: ​

  • Consumer: Retail, wholesale, travel and hospitality ​
  • EI&R: Energy, oil and gas, mining, infrastructure, chemicals and construction ​
  • TMT: Technology, media and telecommunications ​
  • Healthcare and life sciences: Pharmaceuticals, hospitals, and healthcare services ​

Private Audit, formerly known as Deloitte Private, work with some of the biggest private companies in Australia and some very high-net-worth individuals.

Working in Private Audit, you'll have exposure to a range of high-profile and complex accounting issues and work, such as:​

  • Support in the delivery of financial statement audits for active Australian and international private companies, not-for-profit organisations, private equity firms, and VC firms across a wide range of industries ​
  • Exposure to prospectus processes and IPO readiness services ​
  • Opportunity to work with our clients through the entire M&A lifecycle including advice on transactions (trade sale, financial sponsorship, IPO) including related accounting and tax matters, and reviewing sale and purchase agreements. ​

The A&A Operate team run, maintain or enhance a client’s process, capability, or function on a recurring basis. Focusing on quality, speed, and fair outcomes for our client’s customers, we also strive to instil good conduct and build trust within organisations through a blend of outstanding talent and smart technology.

Having established our reputation for delivering many of Australia’s largest customer remediation programs, the A&A Operate team now work across four areas:

  • Regulatory Operate
  • Public Sector Operate
  • Finance Operate
  • Motor Industry Services

Our engagements require teams with diverse backgrounds and skills. Whether developing large-scale remediation programs for an insurer, assessing grants and complaints for the Commonwealth Government, or operating an anti-money laundering managed service for a bank – we design, implement and deliver our projects knowing there are everyday Australians who deserve fair and consistent outcomes.

Our team of specialists in Business Assurance help enable our clients to create world-class operations. We deliver finance, technology, and other solutions to support and solve our clients complex issues.

Our team has a broad remit, with bespoke service offerings across:   

  • Algorithm Assurance - We assist clients by designing control frameworks, implementing governance processes, and providing analytics-related services to ensure algorithms operate as they should. 
  • Media Assurance - A dedicated service offering, supporting new and existing clients in optimising their marketing strategies and operations. 
  • ESG and Investor Relations - Our team develops and delivers service offerings related to ESG reporting and investment, as well as investor relations. 
  • Motor Industry Services - We work specifically with motor industry clients to help navigate change, connect with other automotive stakeholders, and shape the local and global motor industry. 
  • Risk & Regulatory CoE - We're focussed on providing financial risk, regulations, and specialist IFSR services to Financial Service organisations. 

CFO Advisory, (internally known as our Finance Assurance team), serves as strategic advisers to the CFOs of the nation's most influential organisations. We use high-quality, creative solutions to assist CFOs and finance departments in adding value to their organisations.  

We help our clients make their finance functions more efficient and effective. This could be by providing accounting advice on complex transactions, helping implement new finance technologies, improving finance processes, or even helping set up new finance functions. 

The Governance, Regulation & Conduct (GRC) team provides a wide range of services to assist our clients in meeting their regulatory and compliance obligations. This means helping clients understand and implement regulatory change, supporting enhanced governance to make good decisions by the right people, and developing ways to understand how to put the customer’s interest at the heart of their decisions.

Our work with clients is from several perspectives: we help them look backward and assist clients in identifying past problems and remediating them. We also help clients strengthen their business models looking forward – minimising the risk of regulatory and conduct issues, and helping review and redesign existing processes and frameworks to deliver better outcomes.

Deloitte’s specialist Treasury and Capital Markets (TCM) team focuses on providing advisory services in 5 key areas – corporate treasury, payments advisory, banking treasury, quantitative finance solutions, and energy advisory. Our clients range from ASX200 to large global corporates, financial institutions, governments, and challengers. 

Our service offerings through both advisory and audit channels include:   

  • Financial risk management solutions include market risks, liquidity risk, funding and refinancing risk, and counterparty credit risk    
  • Banking, insurance, and superannuation governance, controls, and regulatory support for markets and treasury divisions (including APRA, Basel, and IOSCO regulations and standards)    
  • Treasury strategy, operating model, and transformation support    
  • Cash management, transactional banking, payments, and working capital optimisation    
  • Investment management solutions for selected clients across all asset classes    
  • Treasury technology including dealing, settlement, cash management, and risk management systems    
  • Outsourced treasury services    
  • Operational risk management support for treasury and investment functions. 

Why choose Deloitte?

Our Audit & Assurance professionals bring unrivalled quality and experience. While we may offer diversity in skillsets, knowledge, and experience, we are united in our commitment to equity, inclusion, and innovation. This culture of excellence pushes us to go beyond the expected to deliver a meaningful impact for our stakeholders.

Our shared values are at the heart of everything we do. Living these values, which include taking care of each other and fostering inclusion is essential in enabling everyone at Deloitte to feel they can be themselves at work.

Through our various network groups and forums, including our firm-wide People Panels, we encourage discussion and input into shaping our cultural initiatives to create the best possible experience for our people.

We want our people to thrive both professionally and personally. With wellness being a key priority within our teams, we provide support for individuals to be at their best through our Recharge Leave, something unique to our Deloitte Audit & Assurance business.

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Working without integrity is working without purpose. This is why Deloitte has a singular commitment to integrity, independence, and transparency. It’s this purpose to do the right thing that informs everything Deloitte does. It’s why our people take pride in their mission to make an impact that matters, and for our team in Audit & Assurance, to instil truth and trust in financial reporting ecosystems.

Supported by a strong leadership team, we're driven by our desire to create positive outcomes for our clients, communities, and people. Within A&A, we empower and inspire our people to contribute their time, expertise, and talents to causes they feel passionate about.

We also lead the way in creating a culture of recognition, built on peak moments that inspire our people to deliver outstanding results for our clients. Our A&A Quality Awards are an important way to recognise individuals in the team who have gone above and beyond, delivering impact to our clients through a commitment to exceptional quality.

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Our people and clients tell us they choose us because we’re different. We've been transforming our business and investing in data, digital technologies, capability, and new, innovative ways of working. 

At Deloitte, we have reimagined what ‘work’ looks like. Founded on concepts of trust, balance, wellbeing and the importance of personal connection, the Deloitte Experience (DX) empowers our people to make choices about where they work based on their client, team, and individual needs and how they connect with their clients and each other.

Our market-leading flexible work policy now includes 12 flexible working options, including wellbeing days, cultural leave, and allowing our people to shape their working day outside of the traditional 9-to-5!

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At Deloitte, we know that a fulfilling career starts with having the freedom to pursue what is engaging, enriching, and meaningful to you. In Audit & Assurance, our people have said that means opportunities, interesting and rewarding engagements, international experience, learning and development, and the flexibility to carve your own career path.

As a vast network with expertise across a range of disciplines, there are endless opportunities, roles, and challenges for you to discover. We offer Career Development Labs, clear progression pathways, and secondment and mobility opportunities both locally, within our Audit & Assurance team, or across the broader Deloitte Australia business; or by exploring the world through our global member-firm network.

We’ll help you reach your potential with differentiated learning experiences that you can follow at your own pace. With access to meaningful projects and networks of experts, you’ll learn more while putting your experience to work.

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