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How we hire

Interested in applying for a role with us? Learn more about what comes next in our recruitment and selection process, as well as finding your FAQs, answered!

Experienced Professionals

Our selection process has several stages to give you the chance to learn about us, as well as help us learn about you. We're committed to delivering a consistent and timely process for all candidates throughout our recruitment and selection experience.

Some of the steps in our recruitment process can vary across our business areas. Our Talent Acquisition Specialists will provide more information and guidance as you progress so that you feel supported and comfortable with what you can expect.

Note: To learn more about our hiring process for our Students & Graduate Programs, click here

What happens?

Browse the Deloitte roles we are currently recruiting for on our jobs board. If you are interested in a role, hit “Apply Now” to begin your application.

Make sure you have an updated CV ready for your submission.

Tips from our team

Learn more in our 'Tips from our Talent Acquisition team' series: Tips before applying

What happens?

Your online application will be reviewed by the relevant Talent Acquisition Specialist recruiting for the role. They will assess your skills and experience to determine your match to the key selection criteria. The job advertisement will give you a clear understanding of the requirements for the role.


In most circumstances, a member of our Talent Acquisition team will be in contact within 7 – 14 business days of receiving your application. In periods of high volumes, this may take longer. You can check the status of your application at any time by visiting ‘My Profile’ on our jobs board to log into your candidate profile, and selecting the ‘Jobs Applied’ tab. 

What happens?

Our interviews are competency-based and are conducted by experienced interviewers:

  • The first interview will generally be a phone screen with a member of the Talent Acquisition team. This is also your opportunity to ask any questions about the role and Deloitte. 

    In areas where we have a large volume of applications, you may be required to complete a recorded video assessment via our video interviewing platform. 
  • This is generally followed by interviews with the area of Deloitte you are applying for. The number of interviews can vary.
  • You may also be required to complete a case study assessment which considers situation analysis and numerical interpretation. The case study is an interactive interview, and you are encouraged to ask questions, seek clarification and bounce ideas off the interviewer.
  • The final stage will be a more in-depth interview and discussion regarding your technical and motivational fit for the role, team and Deloitte. This will be with a Partner or senior leader from the area of Deloitte you may be joining.


As soon as practically possible, determined by the availability of the candidate and the relevant Partner or employee.


Interviews are conducted either face-to-face or virtually.

Require adjustments?

We embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion. We have a diverse collection of people from different backgrounds, with different experiences, gender identities, abilities and thinking styles. What binds us together is a shared commitment to value everyone’s perspective and to cultivate inclusion; so that our work environment is a safe space we can all belong.  

Your Talent Acquisition Specialist will be happy to discuss what support you need in more details so that you feel comfortable ahead of your interview with us.

What happens?

If you’ve been successful to progress to the final stage of an employment offer:

  • A verbal offer will be made by the Talent Acquisition Specialist.
  • On offer approval, this is followed by a written offer that is accessible via a confidential online portal.
  • This portal allows you to access details of the offer and employment conditions.
  • The offer of employment is conditional pending the successful completion of your pre-employment checks.


Following the finalisation of all interviews with candidates for the role.

What happens?

Pre-employment checks and background screening are conducted by Deloitte or our external third-party provider. These include items such as employment references, work rights checks, criminal history checks and education checks.


Following the verbal offer process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about one of our recruitment and selection processes? Take a look at our FAQs below. You might just find the answer you're looking for!

Our interviews are a great way for us to get to know you and for you to get to know us, too. Throughout the interview stages, you can expect us to share insights about the kind of work you'll be doing at Deloitte, the team you'll be joining, your Coach (manager), and what life at Deloitte is all about so you can decide if we're the place for you!​​

First interview (approx. 60 mins)
This will be with your potential Coach (manager) or someone you'd work closely with. Here, you'll learn a little more about what your day-to-day could look like and the impact you'd be able to contribute. 

It's also a great chance for us to learn more about you and how you would approach various situations. You can expect to also be asked a selection of behavioural-based questions.​​

Second interview (approx. 60 mins)
This may be a case study* based on a real or theoretical business scenario. 

Sometimes, we'll share details in advance so you can complete it in your own time and present your thoughts to us. In other cases, you'll be asked to resolve it either verbally, in writing, or both on the day of your interview.

We appreciate that people work in different ways, so this stage of the process is to show us who you are and how you work.​​ 

​*Some Deloitte Business Areas don't require you to complete a case study interview stage. Your Talent Acquisition Specialist will provide more information and guidance as you progress so you feel comfortable and supported with what you can expect.

Final interview (approx. 30 mins):
This is your chance to meet with a senior leader or Partner from your business area. It's a valuable opportunity to gain another perspective, share more about yourself, and ask any questions you may have about the role, culture and team. 

We use the Behavioural Event Interview (BEI) technique, which focuses on how you responded to specific professional situations in the past to understand your working style and approach to solving problems.

We use various BEI-based interview questions that differ depending on the business area and the role we’re hiring for. These questions are a great way to demonstrate your skills, experience, and industry knowledge with real-life examples and showcase the impact you want to make at Deloitte.​

Responding to behavioural questions

We recommend using the S.T.A.R. framework to answer our behavioural interview questions. This framework will help you provide a well-structured and comprehensive response by breaking down your answers into four key components:

  • Situation (S): This is the opening part of your response, where you set the scene by describing the context or situation you were in. You should briefly explain the circumstances, the background, and any relevant details. This helps the interviewer understand the context of the scenario.​
  • Task (T): In this section, you explain the specific task or challenge that you were confronted with in that situation. This is where you clarify what you need to achieve or the problem that needs to be addressed.
  • Action (A): This is the core of your response, describing your actions to address the situation and fulfil the task. It's important to be specific and focus on your individual contributions. Explain the steps you took, the skills you applied, and the decisions you made.​
  • Result (R): In this final section, you discuss the outcomes of your actions. Explain what happened as a result of your efforts. This can include quantitative and qualitative results, such as increased sales, improved efficiency, higher customer satisfaction, or successful project completion.

Tips from our talent team

Learn more in our 'Tips from our Talent team' series: Tips for preparing for the interview.

For some areas of our business, you may be asked to prepare for a case study as part of our selection process. Our Talent Acquisition Specialists will provide more information and guidance on this if needed during your interview stages.

Case studies assess your ability to work in our management consulting environment. This is an opportunity to demonstrate your various skills, including problem-solving, creativity, logical thinking, analytical reasoning, time management, communication, technical knowledge and project delivery experience.

Tips from our talent team

Learn more in our 'Tips from our Talent Acquisition team' series: Preparing for a case study interview.

Below is a high-level overview of our global career and seniority levels at Deloitte.

  • Analyst/Consultant
  • Senior Analyst/Senior Consultant
  • Manager
  • Senior Manager
  • Director

If you need an accommodation or adjustment during the recruitment process for accessibility reasons, please let us know on the application form when you apply.

If there's further support that we can provide, please use our contact us form to get in touch. We’ll be happy to assist!

Our Access and Inclusion Plan

Deloitte is committed to accessibility and inclusion. Learn more on our Accessibility and Inclusion webpage.

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