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How we hire

Our selection process has several stages to give you a chance to learn about us, as well as help us learn about you.

Student program recruitment

We're committed to delivering a consistent and timely process for all candidates throughout the recruitment and selection experience. Read on to learn more from our team on how we hire for our student programs.

Note: To learn more about our hiring process for our Experienced Professional opportunitiesclick here

Your application

Hear more from Maggie on our team culture, along with tips on what we look for in our recruitment process.

You're ready to begin your online application once you know which team you'd like to start your adventure with.

We strongly recommend applying to no more than two roles. This will show us that you’ve done your research to understand Deloitte, the roles, and opportunities with us, as well as help articulate your areas of interest and where you could see your future here.

Closing deadlines:  Should application volumes greatly exceed our available placement numbers, we may close off individual opportunities before the stated deadline. We recommend you submit your completed application as early as possible.

Accessibility assistance

If you need assistance or an accommodation during the recruitment process for accessibility reasons, there will be an opportunity for you to let us know what you need once you begin your application.

Immersive Online Assessment

Hear from Maddie on our team’s tips for completing the online assessment.

Stay tuned to your inbox, as we’ll email you updates on your progress through our recruitment process.

Our online assessment is an immersive, client-focussed set of virtual activities intended to give you a taste of what it may be like to work with us, along with helping us learn more about you. You’ll receive a bespoke feedback report about your strengths and abilities after the assessment. This isn’t the outcome of your assessment, but it will provide valuable advice on developing your skills and maximising your potential.

Note: If you’ve applied for multiple roles with us, you will only need to complete the online assessment once.

Digital Interview

Ben shares his advice and tips for approaching the digital interview.

If the role you applied for requires a Digital Interview, we will send you a link to our video platform to answer three quick questions about your achievements and interests. Take all the time you need to prepare, as you'll only have one opportunity to re-record your response. You can prepare using the practice questions provided on the platform. 

Some of our roles require a Job Simulation instead of a Digital Interview, so you may receive a link to complete this activity. 

Job Simulations offer an insight into the area you've applied for, with different types of questions; some are scenario-based, while others require video responses. It's your chance to experience your chosen area and showcase your skills and preferences. You can complete either of these activities from home at a time that suits you.   

Heather shares her tips and advice on the Assessment Day.

Our Assessment Day activity may be hosted as an in-person event or conducted virtually depending on your location.

Expect to join us for a morning or afternoon where you’ll participate in several activities, from information sessions and networking opportunities to a group case study exercise and 1:1 interview with a leader from our business. Your Assessment Day experience with us will vary depending on the role and business area you have applied to – for example, you may be asked to prepare for an individual presentation or attend a final interview with our team at a separate time.

Hear from Maddie on the STAR interviewing technique.

Selection outcomes

Whether we’re telling you that you’ve been successful or giving you some advice on how to improve next time, we’ll be in touch as soon as we can. We always do our best to communicate with you throughout the process too.

- Getting a job offer
If your final stage assessment is successful, we’ll offer you a job, and your exciting journey with us begins.

- If you’re not successful this time
You may have been unsuccessful for all sorts of reasons. So, be sure to ask for feedback from our team, who can provide helpful advice and pointers.

You’re always welcome to reapply for future program intakes as well, eligibility requirements permitting, of course.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about one of our Student programs? Take a look at our FAQs below. You might just find the answer you're looking for!

We're interested in students with degrees in every discipline. We are particularly interested if you've got diverse experiences and are passionate about being part of a business that thrives on innovation, opportunity, collaboration, and inclusion.

Key competencies assessed through our recruitment process include:

  • Self-awareness
  • Resilience and the ability to embrace change
  • The ability to learn and apply new information quickly
  • Willingness to collaborate within a team
  • Organisational skills
  • Ability to analyse problems
  • Communication skills.

Tips from our team

Hear more from Maggie on our team culture and tips on what we look for in our recruitment process.

Graduate Program*

You're eligible for the Graduate Program if you are currently in your final year of study or have completed your university studies up to 24 months prior.

Summer Vacation Program*

You're eligible for the Vacationer Program if you are in your penultimate year of studies, graduating in 2025 (ready to join our full-time Graduate Program in 2026).

  • Winter Vacation Program* - Our Winter Vacation Program is only offered through select business areas across limited locations. These roles will be advertised alongside our regular internship opportunities on our 'Summer Vacation Program' page, specifically denoted as 'Winter' internship opportunities.

First Nations Program* 

Our First Nations Program is open to university students of Australian Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander descent in their penultimate year of studies (graduating in 2025 to be eligible to join our full-time Graduate Program in 2026).

Me at Deloitte*

You're eligible for Me at Deloitte If you are at the beginning of your degree and want to know what working at Deloitte is like.

*Our programs are only open to Australian and New Zealand citizens and Permanent Residents. If you are an international student, please refer to our International Students page.

Chartered Accountants (CA) Program eligibility

Some of our Business Units require you to be eligible to enter the CA Program at the end of your degree. Before applying for a role, please check the requirements of that Business Unit via the job role advert. We accept applications from non-CA-eligible candidates - make sure you apply for an area that suits your background.

If are unsure if you are CA eligible, please visit CAANZ.

I require an adjustment to the recruitment process. What should I do?

If you need an accommodation or adjustment during the recruitment process for accessibility reasons, please let us know on the application form when you apply.

Accessibility assistance in the online assessment

The Immersive Online Assessment has many inbuilt adjustments that you can self-activate. And it's not a timed assessment, meaning you have unlimited time once in the system to complete this. You'll find more help, advice and FAQs on the online assessment here

If there's further support we can provide, please contact us before completing the assessment. We’ll be happy to assist!

Our Access and Inclusion Plan

Deloitte is committed to accessibility and inclusion. Learn more on our Accessibility and Inclusion webpage.

Can I apply for more than one role?

Yes, however, we recommend applying for no more than two roles. 

This will show us that you’ve done your research to understand Deloitte, the roles and opportunities with us, and help articulate your areas of interest and where you could see your future at Deloitte.

I have applied for a role at Deloitte in the past 6 months. Can I apply for another role?
If you have applied and been unsuccessful for a specific area within the last 6 months, unfortunately, you cannot reapply to that same area again. You are, however, able to apply for opportunities in other areas. Please consider how you could take on board any previous feedback to help refine your application.

Academic Transcripts
We require a copy of your transcript upon application. We accept unofficial transcripts, but you must provide an official transcript if you successfully secure a graduate role. 

Do you have a mid-year intake? 
Yes, some of our business units do offer mid-year intakes. Please liaise with the relevant recruiter as you progress through the application process.

Are PhD/ Post-grad students eligible?
Definitely! We accept postgraduate students into our Vacationer and Graduate programs in line with our normal eligibility requirements.

I'm interested in applying to different streams. Do I need to provide a cover letter for each stream?
There is no need to attach a cover letter to each application. You will be asked why you are interested in this business unit/team for the role you apply for.

Do the answers to the screening questions in my application matter? 
Yes, they do.  We make an initial eligibility assessment based on how you respond to these questions. Ensure you are responding to them as accurately as possible and that you have uploaded any requested documents. 

The area/team I am interested in doesn’t have any opportunities - what can I do?
That is okay. You can create a candidate profile here and then set up a Job Alert to be notified when a matching opportunity arises. To set up your job alert, click on the 'Options' menu and then 'Job alerts'.

The majority of our program opportunities are launched in February or mid-year. If choosing to hold off applying, please understand we cannot guarantee these opportunities will be offered again.

Where can I learn more about the recruitment process?
You'll find an overview of the recruitment process in the 'How we hire' section of the respective Graduate Program or Summer Vacationer pages, along with tips and advice from our team on what to expect at each stage of the process! 

For information on our hiring process for other programs, please visit our First Nations, International Students, or Me at Deloitte pages.

I require an adjustment to the recruitment process. What should I do?
If you need an accommodation or adjustment during the recruitment process for accessibility reasons, please let us know on the application form when you apply.

The Immersive Online Assessment has many inbuilt adjustments that you can self-activate. And it's not a timed assessment, meaning you have unlimited time once in the system to complete this. You'll find more help, advice and FAQs on the online assessment here. 

If there's further support that we can provide, please contact us before completing the assessment, and we’ll be happy to assist!

I’ve applied for two roles this season. Do I need to do an online immersive assessment twice?
No, please only complete the online immersive assessment once. You will receive an email for each role you have applied to; however, your results will feed across all your applications. We’ll use the results alongside your application to assess your suitability.  

For general advice, systems requirements, and technical support regarding the immersive online assessment, please click here

I am still experiencing technical difficulties with the online immersive assessment. What do I do?
Please check out this handy guide.

If you are still experiencing issues, please get in touch with us; we’ll help the best we can.

I require an adjustment to the immersive assessment. What should I do?
There are some built-in adjustments that you can self-activate - to check out how, click here. Also, this is not a timed assessment; you have unlimited time to complete this step.

If there's further support that we can provide, don't hesitate to get in touch with us before completing the assessment, and we’ll be happy to assist!

Will I get feedback on the immersive assessment?
Yes! Everyone who completes the assessment will get a personalised strengths report. It's not an outcome; we’ll be in contact with a further update soon after you complete this step.

The recruitment process varies depending on the role you have applied for. Therefore, you may be asked to complete either a digital interview, job simulation, or both. We recommend you click the link to each invitation to ensure you have completed what is required.

If you have completed your job simulation assessment and your candidate profile says to complete the assessment, do not worry; this happens when you have applied for more than one role.

Do I have to complete both?
It depends on the area in which you expressed interest. If you applied to two roles, one requiring a digital interview and the other a job simulator, you must complete both.

How many times can I re-record the digital interview?
You can re-record once. We also give you a little time to read the question and prepare before capturing your response, so make sure you make the most of it.

Check out the short video from our team in the 'How we hire' section of the respective Program pages for tips and advice on how to ace the digital interview and job simulator!

Is there a practice round in the Job Simulator?
Before the assessed questions, there's a practice round in the Video Set-up section.

I require an adjustment to the digital interview. What should I do?
Please let us know on your application form, or contact us for more support.

Will I receive a confirmation email once I have submitted my application?
You will not receive a confirmation email once you have clicked the “Submit” button on your application. However, you will be directed to a page on our website confirming that we have received your application.

How do I view what roles I have submitted applications for?
You can view your job application(s) at any stage by logging into your candidate profile. There, you can:

  • Track the progress of your application(s)
  • Update your resume, transcript, and work rights (not required at time of application, we will only request this at offer stage), and English language proficiency result for international students.

When can I expect to hear back after completing my application?
After receiving your application, we aim to reply as soon as possible. We take time to review each application, so please be patient.

If you have not heard back regarding your application, please log in to your candidate profile to:

  • Ensure your application is complete
  • Ensure you have attached your resume and transcript
  • Ensure you have completed your testing within the allocated time frame.

If you have followed the above steps and are yet to hear from us, we are still considering your application!

Will I receive feedback on my application?
As a commitment to every person who applies for a role with us, you will receive a written or verbal notification as to the outcome of your application. We are still considering your application if you have not heard from us.

I will be away, travelling overseas, during the process. What should I do?
We strongly recommend updating your voicemail with the dates you are out of the country so we can leave you a message and keep your application in mind!

Deloitte Australia* accepts program applications from students who do not yet hold Australian permanent residence to augment our talent pools.

For our Graduate Program, we're accepting expressions of interest in the following business areas: Audit & Assurance, Financial Advisory and Risk Advisory.

For our Vacationer (Internship) Program, expressions of interest will, at this stage, be considered in July for certain areas within our Risk Advisory business.

We will review all EOI applications, and our team will be in touch to invite you into the recruitment process should your application be selected successfully.

If you are in this category, you must meet the following criteria to be eligible:

  • You must currently reside lawfully in Australia
  • You are currently studying or have studied a relevant degree
  • You will have studied this degree for at least two years in Australia
  • You will have completed an approved English Language test and prove that you have reached 'Proficient English' as set by the Department of Home Affairs. If you hold a passport from the UK, USA, Canada or the Republic of Ireland, you are not required to provide evidence of English Language Proficiency (which is in line with immigration requirements)
  • You agree to apply immediately upon finishing your degree and before your start date with Deloitte for either the Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485 - either the Graduate or Post-Study Work Stream) or the Subclass 189 Skilled - Independent if you do not already hold one of these visas.

Please note: Deloitte cannot assist in obtaining either the Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485) or the Subclass 189 Skilled - Independent Visa. You will be responsible for independently applying for and obtaining the relevant visa, which will be a condition of your employment.

Due to the changes announced by the Department of Home Affairs in July 2018 to the subclass 189 and the transition from the subclass 457 visa to the Temporary Skills Shortage (TSS) visa, Deloitte’s priority is the hiring of domestic graduate talent into our Audit & Assurance and Tax & Legal business units. Acceptance of international student applications in the above areas will be based on exception only.

See all our international locations.

* All Australian offices except Canberra, where Australian citizenship is required.

Do you offer work experience placements for high school students?
Deloitte does not currently offer placements for students in high school. The first point to engage with our student programs is through the Me at Deloitte program in your pre-penultimate year of study (if you are studying a 3-year course, this would be in your first year of study).

For students completing their high school studies, Deloitte is working closely with TAFE NSW, the University of Wollongong, and Swinburne University of Technology to launch a Cyber Academy Program which commenced in early 2023. Please refer to our Cyber Academy Program page to learn more.

Can the vacationer program count as course credit towards my degree?
The Deloitte vacationer program can sometimes count as course credit if this has been pre-arranged through your university and the placement meets your institutions’ requirements. Please note we are unable to sign any external documentation from the university, however, you can request a statement of service to demonstrate the timings of your placement to your university.

What is Deloitte Experience (DX)?
Flexibility is at the heart of how we work at Deloitte, recognising that everyone has different personal circumstances and preferences. We know that success at work is empowered by support for life outside of work.

Deloitte Experience (DX) is how we define our new ways of working. It reimagines what ''work' looks like to empower all our people to make choices about where they work based on their client, team and individual needs.

Our market-leading flexible work policy DeloitteFlex now includes 12 flexible working options allowing employees to shape their working day, including when they start and finish and how they flex to meet personal and professional priorities.

What do people wear at Deloitte?
There's no 'formal' dress code at Deloitte, and we encourage employees to dress in a way that makes them feel comfortable and authentic, regardless of their gender identity, expression, cultural identity and heritage.

We encourage our people to dress for their day, which means thinking about appropriate and responsible attire for meeting with your team and clients (both virtually or in-person).

What will my salary be as a Vacationer or Graduate?
Our salaries are benchmarked against competitive market rates – and it's important to remember that this is part of a broader package that includes our fantastic employee benefits.

What training will I get as a Graduate at Deloitte?
As part of your journey with us, you will get a chance to immerse yourself in our award-winning Graduate Learning Academy; which will provide you with the tools and training you'll need to drive your career experience, along with ongoing mentoring, peer support and e-learning to continue your personal and professional development.

Life at Deloitte – Graduate blogs
Hear from our graduates, past and present, on their career journeys at Deloitte- Read more.

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