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Tips and advice for interviews

The job market can be a daunting and competitive space with many twists and turns, leaving it seem like all too much. But fear not - we have you covered!

In this blog, Josh from our Talent Acquisition team will share his essential tips and advice to help you navigate the hiring process to stand out and help you secure your dream role.

Meet Josh, a Consultant in our Deloitte Talent Acquisition team who specialises in recruiting talent within our consulting practice.

He has 6 years of recruitment experience and has been with our Deloitte team for over 12 months. He has recruited across several business units, including Consulting, Audit & Assurance, Tax & Legal, and our Enabling Areas.

As someone who has reviewed thousands of resumes, helping countless candidates to secure roles here with us, here are some key callouts for different stages of the recruitment process:

Preparing for the Interview

Practice Makes Perfect?

After spending all week practising for an interview, we know all too well that when it comes time, the interviewer will likely ask a curveball question. This might make you lock up, freeze, and wonder, “What do I say!?”

At their core, interviews are two-way conversations that assess suitability for both you and Deloitte. Having some broad examples of times you solved a problem can help get you started; however, if you’re asked a question you haven’t prepared for, stay calm, be agile, and move with the flow of the conversation.

Ask Questions

When given the opportunity to ask questions during your interview, be prepared with thoughtful and insightful queries about Deloitte, the team, and the role.

This not only demonstrates your genuine interest in the role and Deloitte but also shows that you’ve done your homework and are thinking critically about your future at Deloitte.

When answering behavioural questions, consider using the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action, Result) to make your responses impactful.

Your Elevator Pitch: it should be concise and QUICK!

First impressions are everything! Before your interview, take some time to think about how you want to pitch yourself to your interviewer. Consider how you want to be perceived and what you think you can bring.

Your elevator pitch should highlight your key strengths, experiences, and career goals. Practice delivering it confidently to make a strong impression and hit the ground running.

Breathe! Add value - give a solution

Take a moment, breathe and go again; asking for the question to be repeated will give you some extra time to think. This is a simple one, but if you feel you’re rushing and your mind is moving too quickly, it is okay to pause and regroup your thoughts. It is not about how much information you can deliver; it is about the quality and whether you have answered the interviewer’s question.

Post Interview

Follow Up

After an interview, sending a personalised thank-you email expressing your gratitude for the opportunity is always great. This reiterates your interest in the position and working with us at Deloitte. A thoughtful follow-up can leave a positive, lasting impression.

I hope these tips are useful and help you feel confident and well-equipped to tackle your next interview. We look forward to connecting with you soon about your next role with Deloitte!


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