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Deloitte Families

Making work work for families.

Families come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you are a carer, parent (including birth, adoptive, surrogate and foster), spouse, or friend, we know that family matters.

We know close to 40% of our people have caring responsibilities, and that's why we're so focused on making work work for families.

Pip Dexter, Chief People & Purpose Officer 

Taking action

If you’re getting ready to begin your parenting journey, supporting elderly parents, or caring for a loved one with a disability or serious illness, we understand how important it is that you feel supported in your caring responsibilities.

Leading the way on Parental leave

We’re proud to support new parents returning to work with up to 28.4 weeks of parental leave. This is the combination of 18 weeks of paid parental leave and the ability to receive up to 10.4 weeks of additional pay as a part of our return to work support payment.

Our policy is inclusive of all types of families, including birth, adoptive, surrogate, foster and same-sex parents. We encourage all parents, regardless of gender, to actively care for their families.

Download a copy of our Making Work Work for Families guide.

Supporting our Part-time workforce

Whether you want to pursue a passion for sport, have caregiving responsibilities, or are simply prioritising your well-being, part-time arrangements can enable you to enjoy a well-rounded lifestyle while progressing in your career.

Empowering you to flex

Our Deloitte Flex framework offers 13 ways to flex your working week to balance your family care, work, and life commitments.

Read more about Flexibility at Deloitte.


Founding member of Family-Friendly Workplaces

Family Friendly Workplaces strive to reduce the tension that exists between work and family by embedding and promoting policies and practices that genuinely support employees to thrive at work and at home.

The Family Friendly Workplace recognition framework benchmarks and certifies employers as a ‘Family Inclusive Workplace’. 

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