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Project Controls Transformation

Today’s major capital projects are increasingly complex and under significant scrutiny. Scale, duration and complexity are growing, as are expectations around predictability and control. No-one likes surprises; the unexpected is unacceptable. This is why project controls are more important than ever to ensure confidence in delivery. Get them right and you deliver your projects on time and to budget. But get them wrong and it can cost up to hundreds of millions of pounds of overruns.

Project controls are mechanisms by which project activities can be measured or forecast and accurately reported, to inform timely decision-making and intervention. The most useful controls, such as time, cost and risk, tend to recur across multiple projects. Please view the below video to find out more.

Deloitte’s ‘transformation’ approach ensures that fundamentals-based solutions are well thought through, more readily adopted within the organisation and stick.

Steve Elliott – Programme Controls Director, Crossrail; Thames Tideway; Terminal Heathrow 5