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Major Programmes that deliver for people

We work collaboratively and dynamically to find solutions to the most challenging issues facing our clients and wider society today.

Connecting people and technology in a complex and changing environment.

We bring together multidisciplinary teams of people with diverse perspectives, skills, and expertise. Creating the capability to anticipate, intervene, and respond to challenges using a flexible and trusted process.

Major Challenges. Major Programmes.

Major Programmes focus on solving a range of major problems facing the world today.

We help our clients deliver programmes that bring about some of the most vital transformations of our



  • Major Capital Infrastructure
  • Digital & Financial Infrastructure
  • Path to Net Zero
  • Future of Healthcare & Biosecurity
  • Disrupted Industries & Structural Reform
  • Social Justice & Levelling Up
  • Major Sporting and Cultural Events



Why Deloitte Major Programmes?


Early Intervention

Our experienced team anticipate hurdles, seize opportunities, and respond to challenges with flexibility and speed. Managing risks and maximising opportunities.


Plans are often interrupted. Our measured approach means we keep moving forward to deliver successful outcomes.

Connected teams

We connect multidisciplinary teams of people, technology, and organisations to create a collaborative environment that leverages their diverse minds and skills.


We create ambitious solutions, minimise risk, and accelerate delivery to maximise benefits for our clients and wider society.

Programme Aerodynamics®

Our unique approach, Programme Aerodynamics®, accelerates delivery of high-impact programmes by enabling organisations to anticipate, shape, and manage change across the programme's lifecycle.

Programme Aerodynamics® is delivered through five key components:

Predictive. Proactive. Resilient.

Responds to changing perspectives and environments, providing leadership with the ability to anticipate future needs, develop choices, assess options, and evaluate outcomes. Centred on simulation technology, it provides a radically different approach to Programme Management.

Dynamic. Rapid. Flexible.

A framework to define the key design components of a major programme and manage the relationships between these components. Based on a set of single page templates, it helps manage evolving designs, improves resource reallocation and ensures greater alignment across the programme.

Action. Integration. Evaluation.

A delivery process, a cadence of meetings, which creates a forward looking, problem solving and aligned mindset. By focusing on building a delivery rhythm and transparency, the process accelerates programme delivery and momentum.

Transformative. Innovative. Optimisation.

Delivers digital capabilities to shape the designs of solutions and manage delivery. Leverages technologies such as new sensors, digital twins and control towers to design more precise impactful solutions which can be delivered with greater flexibility. These tools help de-risk design choices and support accelerated delivery.

Adaptive. Cohesive. Pre-emptive.

An approach that ensures that at each stage of the programme life cycle, the right roles, skills, capabilities and leadership styles are in place. In addition, HSD leverages the Flexible Architecture design to ensure we can pivot the programme management structure to respond to evolving requirements.

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