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Early Careers FAQs

Our student and graduate programmes are often the first step in a successful career for people with a curious mind. So, it makes sense that you’d want to know all you can before choosing one and applying for your place. Here you’ll find the information you need – and if there’s anything we haven’t covered, you can get in touch with us.

Schemes & Programmes, Application & Academic Requirements

If you’re doing your GCSEs or A-levels… apply for our inspiring two-day Career Shaper or three-day ASPIRE work experience programmes.
They’re designed for Year 10-12 students to discover what professional life’s
really like here. Your days will be intense – but a lot of fun. Immersing
yourself in our fascinating world, you’ll learn how to step up into leadership,
tackle challenging client projects and untap your potential to apply for a
full-time role with us. If you’re excited by everything Deloitte has to offer,
this is a perfect place to start. Find out more.

If you’ve finished your GCSEs… our Entry Level Apprenticeship is ideal. It’s the chance to shape your career in one of our professional support centres and gain on-the-job experience. You’ll do the same work as the rest of your team and be treated with respect, in a permanent job. You’ll also get extra time and support to help you progress your professional education – including gaining a Level 3 City & Guilds qualification or IT qualification that you’ll rely on throughout your career. Find out more.

If you’ve finished your A-levels… a BrightStart Apprenticeship enables you to earn while you learn, and is the perfect alternative to university. It means you can leap straight into a professional career at Deloitte and have all your training and qualifications fully paid for – on top of a market-leading salary and benefits. You’ll gain hands-on experience, work on real projects, have your ideas listened to and be respected from day one. Find out more.

If you’re a first-year university student… then Spring Into Deloitte is for you. There are several two-day courses to choose from – each jam-packed with business games, skills sessions and networking opportunities with everyone from graduates to partners. Find out more.

If you’re a second-year university student… spend your summer becoming part of an inspirational community of experts here at Deloitte. Our Summer Vacation Scheme is a 3-6 week summer placement that’s a fantastic way to get up close and personal with the world of business. As well as exploring what excites and inspires you, there’s the possibility of heading back to university with a job offer too. Find out more.

If you’re a university student wanting a year out… our Industrial Placements are a chance to work with our talented team and return to university with a guaranteed job offer. Exploring a career packed with purpose, you’ll work on complex projects, broaden your understanding of major sectors and familiarise yourself with whole industries. During this fully paid training, you’ll also work alongside our first-year graduate intake and be encouraged to be yourself, connect with colleagues across Deloitte and learn skills that will set you up for an exciting career. Find out more.

If you’ve graduated or are ready to… then our Graduate Programmes offer world-class training with professional qualifications and opportunities to prove yourself on meaningful projects for some of the world’s biggest clients. As well as a permanent position with a market-leading salary, you’ll get to innovate and collaborate with some of the most talented people in their fields. You’ll learn, develop and make an impact every day. Find out more.

You need to submit your application to your chosen programme in the same way, and the selection process will follow our standard approach. However, when you’re asked how you heard about us, make sure that you select your media source as ‘upReach’ and let your upReach Programme Coordinator know that you’ve applied. They’ll be able to support you with any questions you might have about your application.

These differ depending on the course, programme and career path you choose. Find out more about each one here.

Our graduate programmes usually start in autumn or spring. We need to know you’ve gained your undergraduate degree result and are available to join us on our start dates. That’s why we ask for the date your course completes on our application form. By this, we mean the date that you have completely finished your studies, including all coursework and exams. We understand that your graduation date is likely to be after you join us. This is absolutely fine. If you have more than one degree, please provide the course completion date for each qualification achieved, as well as the one you’re currently studying.

It might be that you’ve already completed your undergraduate degree and are studying a course that isn’t required for the vacancy you’ve applied to. If your course completion date is after our start dates, you won’t be provided with study leave for this and need to be ready to join us on a full-time basis on your start date. When you’re applying, please make sure that you choose a vacancy that’s suitable for your course completion date.

Yes. If you apply for a vacancy that requires you to study a particular course, we’ll need to see official confirmation of your results as part of our onboarding checks before your start date. We can accept an official transcript of your results if the formal certificate isn’t yet available. We allow one month between your course completion date and your Deloitte start date to allow time for your exams/coursework to be marked and official results shared with you.

All of our graduate, undergraduate and BrightStart schemes follow a similar application process. It differs for our Entry Level Apprenticeship and Channel Islands graduate and apprentice programmes. Find out more here.

For most programmes, you’ll need to complete a short online application form and an online assessment. If you’re successful at each stage, you’ll be invited to a first interview and then either a final interview or an assessment centre, depending on the programme and career path you choose. If you’d benefit from support or adjustments to the recruitment process due to having a disability or health condition, and/or being neurodiverse, there’ll be an opportunity for you to let us know what you need once you begin your application.

There are websites promising to help with our application process, but they’re not associated with Deloitte and hold incorrect information. We also conduct regular reviews of applications to pinpoint any fraudulent activity.

If you’d like any support or information, please use our official channels, including this website, our social media channels, events and newsletters. You can also get in touch directly through our online helpdesk.

The length varies depending on the business area you’ve applied to. Don’t worry though, as we’ll keep in touch throughout and update you on your progress.

If you have a disability, health condition, and/or are neurodiverse, or there are other reasons why you’d benefit from any adjustments, please just ask. We want you to feel at your best and will do all we can to support you, from extra time to answer questions and video call captions, to assessment materials in different formats and facing the camera for you to lip read. We will work with you to learn more about your support needs and identify reasonable adjustments that will help you to be at your best and have a more personalised experience. If you require support or adjustments during the application or assessment process, please reach out to our team to help you.

We only accept one application per programme, per academic year (September-August). If you are unsuccessful, you are welcome to reapply in the following year.

Yes, all deadline information can be found on the Programmes page and Application Support page.

Regulation and controls are standard practice in our industry. These controls provide important legal protection for both you and the firm. We are subject to a number of audit regulations, one of which requires that certain colleagues abide by specific personal independence constraints. This can mean that you and your "Immediate Family Members" are not permitted to hold certain financial interests (shares, funds, bonds etc.) with audit clients of the firm. The recruitment team will provide further details on this as you progress through the recruitment process.

All you need to know

Most of your questions will be answered below. But, if there’s anything you need to ask about applying that we’ve not already covered, there’s Dot – our Early Careers Recruitment Bot. Simply click on the box in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen to speak to Dot 24/7. Your next port of call is our Live Chat team. We recommend you using a PC or laptop for this. They’re available Monday to Friday 9am-5pm UK time, with the exception of some holidays. Dot can also take messages for our Live Chat team to answer on their return.

Get in touch.

Work experience

Yes. As well as our apprenticeship scheme, we offer two
programmes that are designed to satisfy your curiosity about careers at
Deloitte. These are:

  • Career Shapers for Year 10-11 students (Year 12 for Northern

    These two-day workshops lift the lid on what a professional job is really like. You’ll get an overview of Deloitte and what we do here, as well as take part in business skills sessions. You’ll be inspired and equipped for your future career. Career Shapers are held virtually at various times through the year. To apply, you’ll need to complete a short application form.
  • Career Shapers and ASPIRE for Year 12 students (Year 13 for

    These are three intensive, but great fun, days of discovery. If you’re excited by the huge possibilities here and want to see how it feels to be part of our team, this gives you a taste of life at Deloitte. You’ll learn how to step up into leadership, immerse yourself in action and leave with the potential to apply for a full-time job with us. Career Shapers and ASPIRE are run at various times through the year, both virtually and across our UK offices. To apply, you’ll need to complete a short application form and short online assessment. After completing one of these programmes, you can apply for any of our apprenticeship programmes.

Entry Level and BrightStart Apprenticeship Schemes

Take a look at our latest apprenticeship opportunities below:

  • Applications for the BrightStart Apprenticeship scheme open in September 2023 to start in September 2023.
  • Applications for Entry Level Apprenticeships open in September 2023 for our September 2024

It depends on the scheme and role you apply for. Entry Level Apprentices are based in either our Newcastle or Cardiff offices. Most of our BrightStart Apprenticeships are available in the majority of our UK offices.

Your grades aren’t the be-all and end-all. We’re just as interested in what makes you tick and how you solve a problem. That said, we do expect a certain level of education and ability, so you’ll need to check the minimum academic requirements for your scheme.

If you’ve already graduated from university, you won’t be able to join our BrightStart or Entry Level Apprenticeships but you can apply straight to one of our Graduate Programmes.

If you’ve started university and decided it’s not right for you, you’re also welcome to apply to us, but you’ll need to withdraw from university if you’re offered a position here and join Deloitte as a permanent employee.

Moving on from school or college into the professional world is a big step. We get that. That’s why we offer plenty of support. Even before you start, you’ll be given a Deloitte buddy. They can answer any questions you have before and after joining us. Once you’re here, you’ll also have a large support network that includes team colleagues and HR contacts. And the best bit is, a big group of apprentices will all join together, giving you a peer network from day one.

If you’re moving to a different area, you’ll need to find somewhere to live. Renting with your fellow apprentices is always a good option and we’ll put you all in touch once you’ve accepted our job offer.

  • BrightStart Apprenticeships are focused on our advisory and consultancy functions, which operate in six different areas: Audit & Assurance, Consulting, Enabling Functions, Financial Advisory, Risk Advisory and Tax Consulting. You can gain up to a Master’s degree equivalent professional qualification. Whichever of these six business areas you join, you’ll gain hands-on experience of real advisory and consultancy work with our clients. 

    People who have completed their A-Level examinations (or equivalent) are eligible to apply for our Brightstart programme. You can find out more about what you’ll need on our application support page.

  • Our Entry Level Apprenticeships are based in our Cardiff and Newcastle offices, with the opportunity to gain a Level 3 or Level 4 qualification and are more business-support focused.

    People who have completed their GCSE examinations (or equivalent) are eligible to apply for our Entry-Level Apprenticeship programme. You can find out more about the grades you’ll need on our application support page

Undergraduate & Graduate Programmes

Simply explore our latest undergraduate and graduate opportunities below:

It depends on the scheme or programme. Applications for our Graduate Programmes, Summer Vacation Schemes, Industrial Placements and Spring Into Deloitte courses open in September each year. For current details, please check our vacancy job descriptions.

All applications must be made online. If your initial application is successful, you’ll then begin our assessment process. You can find the link to apply on each of the specific programme pages on our website.

It depends on the scheme or programme you join. We have opportunities available across the UK.

How you think and tackle a challenge is just as important to us as your academic achievements. But you’ll need a certain level of education to join our schemes and programmes, so please make sure you check the minimum academic requirements before you apply. Typically, most of our Graduate Programmes ask for:

  • Predicted degree classification of 2:1 or above in any discipline.

Yes, lots. All year round and all virtual! We're running five types of virtual event from networking and skills workshops to interactive escape room sessions and demystifying assessment. There's sure to be a session that's right for you, whether you're at school, at university or even a parent or teacher. Find out more.

Moving on from school, college or university into the professional world is a big step. We get that. That’s why we offer plenty of support when you join us on any of our undergraduate or graduate programmes.

Depending on the business area you join, you’ll be given a Deloitte buddy even before you start. They can answer any questions you have before and after joining us. Once you’re here, you’ll have a large support network that includes team colleagues and HR contacts. And the best bit is, a big group of undergraduates and graduates will join together, giving you a peer network from day one.

If you’re moving to a different area, you’ll need to find somewhere to live within a commutable distance to the office you accepted a role in. Renting with your fellow undergraduates or graduates is always a good option and we’ll put you all in touch once you’ve accepted our job offer.


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