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Audit Transparency Report

“Our Transparency Report is an important regulatory requirement. It also gives us an opportunity to share how we have invested in quality, while embracing the changing environment and maintaining the financial and operational health of our business.

“It provides investors, companies, audit committees and audit professionals with insight on our commitment to a purpose-led culture, our mindset and behaviours, and how we are investing in controls and processes. These are important factors which support the resilience and agility of our Audit & Assurance business, focused on delivering the highest quality.”

Paul Stephenson

Managing Partner Audit & Assurance, Deloitte UK

Headshot of Paul Stephenson

Quality, trust, resilience and agility 

How does our purpose-led culture and business structure drive quality?How are we investing in areas such as culture, ESG and digital technology? What investment are we making in our governance, controls and processes? Read our leadership’s reflections on the past year, our view of the future and our focus on the public interest.

Having a perspective

Why does the sustainability of the audit profession matter? What is our cultural ambition? How will disruptive technology shape the audit of the future? Read individual perspectives from leaders within our Audit & Assurance business.

Reflections from our Non-Executives 

Robust governance is the foundation of our firm. How have the Non-Executives provided oversight on areas such as audit culture, partner reward and promotion, and quality in delivery centres? Read their report on their work in providing independent advice to Deloitte’s management in the UK.

An ethical and independent mindset 

How do we ensure our colleagues operate in an open and transparent environment? How do we equip our people with the right tools to make ethical choices and maintain their independence? Our ethics, independence and conflicts report explains the controls and processes we have in place to support ethical and independent mindsets and behaviours.

Investment in audit quality 

How do we foster the right tone from the top? How are we investing in the diversity, skillset and wellbeing of our people? How do we use our continuous improvement programmes to support high quality audits? Read more about our audit quality story.

A focus on sustainability reporting 

Investors and broader stakeholders are calling for greater transparency around the effects of climate-related and broader sustainability matters on an entity’s business model and strategy. What is Deloitte actively doing to drive high-quality sustainability reporting in the market? Read more about the actions we are taking towards meaningful steps forward.

Audit Transparency Report

Kickstarting careers

A bright start and a brighter future for Audit & Assurance talent.

Annual Review

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