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Deloitte Grow

Supporting rangatahi to sow seeds for their future

Deloitte Grow is our suite of signature innovation programmes and initiatives that promote education and skills development with rangatahi youth. We work collaboratively with educators, teachers and government to prepare rangatahi youth for a future of opportunity.


Deloitte Grow programme is an entrepreneurial group challenge that supports students to work collaboratively to ‘grow’ seed capital.  Over the span of 5 weeks, we promote learnings and a toolkit of entrepreneurial skills with rangatahi youth. Our professionals act as coaches, supporting students through developing and bringing to life their business ideas. We see collaboration, teamwork, financial prudency, self-efficacy and communications skills evolve as students work towards presenting their business journeys to their coaches at their local Deloitte office. 

Deloitte Grow is one of our signature social innovation programmes that directly supports our WorldClass ambitions to positively impact the lives of 25,000 people in Aotearoa New Zealand by 2023.

Deloitte Grow brings the ‘real world’ of business into the classroom, creating a space for rangatahi youth to explore new ways of thinking.  

Grow Pathways are sessions where our professionals present as speakers, share their own study and career journey, and take students through an activity related to their job.

Through Deloitte Grow and Grow Pathways, we aim to encourage high school students to explore possibilities for themselves beyond school and into their future. 

Explore the possibilities

Bring the 'real world' of business into the classroom and create a space for rangatahi youth to explore new ways of thinking.

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