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Preparing futures for a world of opportunity

WorldClass is a Deloitte global initiative, committed to preparing one hundred million futures for a world of opportunity. By inspiring increased commitment and investment in education, skills development, and access to opportunity, our WorldClass initiatives are focused on empowering rangatahi youth in Aotearoa New Zealand to start exploring future pathways today, with a goal of positively impacting 25,000 New Zealanders by 2030.

At Deloitte, we are inspired by the promise of the new world economy. Its acceleration of technology and digitisation across all aspects of life present incredible opportunity. We are preparing people, and the organisations they are part of, to be ready for the prosperity and progress it offers. Our work developing leading-edge business solutions, bringing fresh perspectives to clients, and training the next generation of business leaders is an important first step. It is not enough.

In New Zealand, WorldClass builds on the strengths of our existing social programmes.  It also recognises the impact we make through providing market-leading client services and developing our talented people at every level. WorldClass is also about collaboration and partnership. We already work alongside educators, not-for-profit leaders and government organisations to grow education outcomes, skills development and work opportunities. We're focused on continuing to cement and expand these key relationships.

To make an impact that matters and to reach our WorldClass target of 25,000 lives impacted by 2030, we align our initiatives by promoting the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with a focus on inclusive and equitable education and lifelong learning (SDG4), sustained economic growth and decent work for all (SDG8), reducing inequality within and among countries​ (SDG10) and revitalising the global partnership for sustainable development (SDG17).