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Our people

As the needs of our people change, so too does our approach and commitment to providing opportunities, resources and an inclusive culture to help our people thrive.

ALL IN is more than our diversity and inclusion strategy. At Deloitte New Zealand, we've gone all in on our end-to-end talent experience, refocusing how we support our people. Our firm-wide Inclusive Talent Experience (ITE) programme brings fresh approaches to health and wellbeing and creates supportive environments to empower our people to be themselves and thrive at work.

Read on to learn how additional flexibility and inclusive ways of working adapt to our workforce's ever-changing needs and how employee resource groups support and celebrate the diversity in our Deloitte whānau.​​

Our people, our communities​

We believe that our strength lies in a welcoming and inclusive workplace, where our people feel they can be themselves and thrive.

Our ALL IN strategy is how we aim to foster an equitable, inclusive and diverse workplace. Deloitte’s people are pivotal to this and we’re proud to have communities who come together to deliver firm-wide initiatives that educate and empower all our people.

These are: Hourua Pae Rau, our Māori peoples’ community; Pås Peau, our Pacific peoples’ community; NZ StandOUT, our rainbow community and our Deloitte Asian Network. These communities offer valuable connection and support.​

We also regularly come together to celebrate cultural events, raise awareness and learn about the diversity within our communities. This year, we’ve celebrated and connected over Matariki, Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori, Eid, Wear it Purple Day and Pacific Language Weeks – to name just a few.​

‘You be you, I’ll be me. And together, we'll be stronger’ was a Deloitte Asia Pacific-wide campaign in FY23 that recognised and celebrated the 23 unique geographies that make up Deloitte Asia Pacific. We asked our people to make a collage that reflected the uniqueness of our local communities. The collage projects brought together different cultures, ethnicities and religions. It inspired us to celebrate how others bring their unique, authentic selves to their teams and client work.

Campaigns like this are important to us in cultivating a greater sense of belonging in the workplace and celebrating the diversity and differences that contribute to our people’s success.

Empowering our people to excel​

At Deloitte New Zealand we have a range of resources and opportunities to enable and empower our people to do their best work and be their best selves.

Taku Wheako – we want our people to feel empowered, to own their impact and professional development and to excel in their work. To enable this, we’ve developed Taku Wheako or My Deloitte Experience (MyDX). These tools are designed to help our people feel connected to our firm strategy and develop an ownership mindset.

Coaching – our coaching culture is designed to ensure our people have wraparound support throughout their career enabling and empowering them to make a purposeful and unique impact in their professional lives.​

Puāwai Time – puāwai means to grow or bloom, and we’ve purposefully used this term to reset perceptions around ‘value add’ time. Whether it’s for Deloitte, our clients or personal development, Puāwai Time is how we plan and track the time we spend developing ourselves and our teams.

DXFlex – this framework helps our people create a better work/life balance and think flexibly about the hours they work. Whether it’s rearranging hours to fit in study time or planning to have an extended break from work, DXFlex is a collation of policies and guidance on how our people can make their time at Deloitte work for them.​

Prioritising our people’s wellbeing

We want wellbeing to be a priority, so our people can be their best selves at work and at home. We have multiple tools and resources to support our people's mental and physical health, to help our people thrive and be more effective in solving the complex challenges we all face in our lives.

The Hauora Framework – our wellbeing framework describes hauora (health and wellbeing) as a wharenui (meeting house) supported by four pillars. Each represents a different area of our health and wellbeing, and our connection to the whenua (land) forms the foundation. By nurturing and strengthening each of these areas, we can support our holistic health and wellbeing.

Kaimanaaki (Deloitte Wellness First Aiders). This volunteer group supports those in their community who are affected by wellbeing challenges. They are trained by mental health professionals to assess the situation and refer the individual to the most appropriate form of support. Kaimanaaki add another layer of support for our people alongside their coaches, buddies, partners and people and performance team leaders.​

Mental health professionals – these external professionals consist of trained psychologists, counsellors and coaches who address more acute situations in a professional and confidential manner. Our people can access these professionals as needed.​

The Employee Assistance Programme – available for all Deloitte employees and their immediate family members, this programme provides access to a range of confidential support services, all available through self-referral.​

Supporting future women leaders​

From our chief executive and partner owners to our frontline management team, our commitment to inclusion and diversity across our business is long-standing and unwavering. Empowering women into leadership across the business remains a strategic priority.​

We’re aiming to have a minimum of 30% women partners and 40% women across all leadership roles by 2025. To achieve this, we’re holding ourselves to account through our internal initiatives and external financing – our industry leading sustainability linked loan includes gender diversity targets. We’re pleased to report that the proportion of women in senior roles is increasing. As of FY23, the number of women partners is now 30% and women represent 33% of our Board. ​

We understand that gender equity requires a strategic and consistent approach, through internal policies, training, resources and supporting initiatives. Our people and performance team continue to work to improve outcomes for women at Deloitte. For example, they have offered training on unconscious bias for many years, and our recruitment process includes a balanced gender scorecard at each stage. Our Women in Leadership programme provides learning opportunities for emerging senior women across the business to connect and develop their leadership skills. ​

As part of the original Champions for Change group, we’re committed to closing the gender pay gap and publicly report our progress every year. We’re also part of the Champions of Change Panel Pledge, working to increase the visibility and contribution of women and diverse leaders in public and professional forums. Our people, including Chief Executive Champion Mike Horne, participated in the 2023 Women in Leadership Summit in connection with UN Global Women.​

Inclusion and diversity initiatives and outcomes are measured and reported internally for the entire staff, and our engagement survey scores on inclusion and diversity are high and trending upward.​