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Introduction to Deloitte’s Gi3 team

Deloitte’s Global Investment & Innovation Incentives (Gi3) team can add significant value to your R&D function by optimising the process of identifying and claiming government incentives.

About Us

Our specialist team of engineers, scientists and tax professionals is here to assist and advise you on the many lucrative R&D incentives that are available, such as the R&D tax credit, Government and EU Grants, and the KDB. This is done through enhancements to approach, methodology and the introduction of new technology for business with large scale R&D operations in Ireland. We provide multi-jurisdictional R&D performing business with an opportunity to standardise their R&D incentives approach globally.  

The Deloitte Gi3 team is made up of scientists and engineers from multiple disciplines. We work with our clients in a way that is underpinned by our technical knowledge and an understanding of the processes, systems and controls that have been developed by you and your teams over time.

This technical understanding of the activities undertaken is particularly important in the current incentives environment, where increasing scrutiny on claims and applications by the Revenue and awarding bodies is being observed.

The breadth of experience in our team covers a wide range of incentives including:

·       R&D tax credits

·       Audit assistance and support

·       RD&I grants

·       EU grant aid and funding specialists

·       Knowledge Development Box (KDB)

·       Transfer pricing expertise

·       Broader RD&I, capitol and employee incentives

·       Global perspective

How we can help

Identifying and successfully applying for suitable incentives and all qualifying R&D activities can be challenging for businesses of all sizes. This coupled with the increasing demand for robust R&D processes, supporting technical reports, as well as risk of regulatory scrutiny, mean that the administrative burden on claimants is growing.

Does your business:

·       Have significant R&D activities in Ireland?

·       Manage multiple technical teams reporting centrally?

·       Manage multiple cost/profit centres for R&D activities?

·       Have separate unconnected R&D locations?

·       Have difficulty reporting R&D costs on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application?

·       Have qualifying R&D activities outside your core R&D cost/profit centres?

In our experience, each of the factors above can present additional difficulty in preparing and defending incentives applications, in particular your R&D tax credit claims. If any of the above apply to you, our specialist team can assist in innovating new approaches and methodologies to improve the way in which you manage, measure and report on the qualifying R&D activities for the incentives available in Ireland and globally.

Gi3 can assist with all, or any one element, of your R&D incentives process-

·       Scoping

·       Educational workshops

·       Qualifying activity identification

·       iSmart (Deloitte’s bespoke R&D incentive management software)

·       Document preparation

·       Financial and tax analysis

·       Claim submission

Deloitte combines deep tax technical expertise with highly experienced scientists and engineers. This knowledge is augmented by our industry leading ISmart technology.

R&D incentive claims often receive intense regulatory and Revenue scrutiny. Gi3 can provide assistance in the resolution of any such audits as well as support related to claims. In short, we assist with information requests or objections from regulatory and granting bodies, in particular supporting client teams throughout the R&D Tax Credit Revenue Audit process.

Why Deloitte?