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R&D tax credit

The R&D tax credit is a very valuable incentive to encour­age research and develop­ment. Companies performing R&D can benefit from a refund of 25% on their qualifying R&D expenditure.

Identifying all qualifying R&D activities for the R&D tax credit can be challenging for both large and small businesses. This, coupled with the increasing demand for technical reports outlining the basis of the claim and qualification of activities, as well as risk of Revenue audits, mean that the administrative burden on claimants is growing. Revenue scrutiny of claims is increasing, with the number of claim interventions rising from 49 in 2012, to 276 in 2016. This highlights the need for companies to ensure that claims comply with all relevant legislation, from both a technical and financial perspective.

Our Service

Deloitte’s Gi3 team has extensive experience in preparing R&D tax credit claims across a broad variety of industries and successfully defending claims through the Revenue audit process. Our specialist team includes dedicated personnel with financial, engineering and scientific backgrounds who are engaged full time in the provision of R&D tax credit claims.

Each claim process is bespoke to the claimant company, and can depend on many factors such as industry sector, size, resources and existing systems. We work with our clients to prepare robust defendable claims, and ease the burden of the claim process, while continuously implementing best in class methodologies.

Based on our extensive experience, Deloitte has developed an approach to the R&D tax credit process that has proven to be non-intrusive to clients while delivering exceptional technical reports and accurate financial information. The benefits we offer include:

Game-changing technology

Deloitte’s I Smart is a survey application and database that helps clients to automate the information gathering process associated with qualifying R&D projects. Additionally, it is designed to capture information about certain activities that may qualify for additional grants and incentives.

Tax technical teams

Our tax experts in Ireland deal specifically with Government incentives like R&D tax credit and KDB. We have exposure to hundreds of claims per annum and significant Revenue interaction. This enables us not only to assist clients, but to help revenue to develop and design incentive policy.

Global reach

Gi3 lets you see the broader playing field by identifying incentive opportunities available to your company and standardising your approach and methodologies.

Scientists and engineers

We can assist you by ensuring that all activities that should qualify for R&D tax credits are identified, assessed and documented. Our team is experienced in all sectors, including software (including fintech), biotechnology, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, petrochemical, aerospace, chemical and utilities industries. 

Let’s talk

Meet our specialist team, allow us to discuss your RD&I situation. Our global view, expert team and best in class claim preparation approach may uncover significant areas where we can add value, efficiency, accuracy and robustness to your process.