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2023 Global Impact Report


From equity in education and health, to equity and inclusion at work, to meeting urgent needs related to humanitarian crises, we actively engage in addressing and creating solutions to the most pressing challenges facing society. These challenges are deeply human, impact billions of people, and require long-term, transformative system solutions. They cannot be solved by any single individual or organization. Deloitte’s approach is to help lead the way and inspire powerful collaborations that enable our people to work with clients and community organizations on shared solutions.

Over the past year, we have invested our know-how and resources, and our people have invested their time through pro bono work and volunteering, to tackle systemic problems in communities around the world. To further scale and accelerate these efforts, Deloitte has made a worldwide commitment to invest more than US$3 billion over the next 10 years in societal impact initiatives. We are committed to investing in education and skills development, climate action, humanitarian responses, and the most pressing needs in our local communities. We are also focused on supporting and developing our 457,000 people around the world, including addressing these challenges within our organization. Deloitte continues to provide career opportunities, resources, and an inclusive culture to help our people thrive.

Societal impact

Empowering 100 million people through education and skills

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Our people

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Enabling our people to make an impact throughout their career journeys

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