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Deloitte’s FSConnect is a powerful suite of assets and accelerators that spans the full spectrum of financial services

The future of financial services

FSConnect is a comprehensive portfolio of assets and solutions, that combines Deloitte’s breadth of industry experience with a vast ecosystem of digital technologies to help Financial Services organisations stay competitive in our ever-changing environment.

FSConnect is designed to help organisations elevate the human experience, empower employees and enhance productivity. It can help to turn the opportunities of digital transformation into a sustainable business future. Bringing real-time customer insight across the service experience, enabling real-time, personalised support and empathy at scale.

The future of financial services needs a new customer-centric digital ecosystem. FSConnect can help Financial Institutions manage growing complexity and put customers at the centre of it all.


Benefits of FSConnect

FSConnect showcases how Financial Services Cloud can be configured to deliver technology driven client impact across various personas in financial service.

Highlighted capabilities include:

  • Personalised financial guidance

  • Self-service customer portals

  • Proactive chatbot engagement

  • Omni-channel engagement

  • Connected data to draw insights

  • Real-time Sentiment Analysis

  • Integration of emerging technologies

  • Digital workflow management

Explore FSConnect solutions and accelerators

Retail Banking
Integrating Salesforce Financial Services cloud into associate journeys to increase productivity and collaboration and empower them to better engage clients across an omnichannel experience. To learn more click here

Investment Banking
Bringing to life Deloitte industry experience in transforming productivity in the front office, through banker-focused functionality and third-party data sources, informing the consideration and design of Salesforce implementations. To learn more click here 

Private Banking/Wealth
Driving banks to deliver new ways of working that enable a transformative client acquisition and management experience with design workflows to support unique team collaboration and drive simplicity, efficiency and satisfaction. To learn more click here

Commercial Banking
Enabling banks to quickly create and enhance customer value by bringing forward best practices learnt from research and experience on how commercial banking teams can collaborate to best help clients. To learn more click here

Streamlining the home buying experience with a platform powered by an ecosystem of current and innovative technologies to increase the scope and sophistication of clients' mortgage solutions. To learn more click here

The Complaints accelerator is Salesforce Financial Service Cloud-enabled, built to scale asset that provides new capabilities and drives business benefits with regulatory compliance. To learn more click here


Combining Salesforce Financial Services Cloud and best-in-class vendor partner capabilities, giving insurance agents, retirement advisors and clients an ecosystem of leads, sales and fulfilment tools to better learn about customers, engage, provide advice and acquire products and a reimagined way. To learn more click here 

Designed to provide end to end coverage for the underwriting process, utilising core relationship management and analytics capabilities and providing the ability to integrate with a wider ecosystem of technologies. To learn more click here

Empowering insurance carriers to better engage with their brokers by providing brokers an integrated user experience across the end to end business lifecycle. To learn more click here

Asset App
Incorporating best practices and insights from actual client implementations, Asset App is designed to meet the needs of sales, distribution and service business functions for both institutional and retail asset managers. To learn more click here 

Venture Connect
Digitising the user journey for all roles within an investment firm to improve collaboration and facilitate tracking pipeline and portfolio companies. To learn more click here 

A digital onboarding platform powered by Salesforce, designed to transform complex, manual, paper-based processes into a simple, digital and differentiated client experience. To learn more click here

Cloud Migrate
Enhancing complex, manual, time-consuming processes for clients who are ready to migrate metadata from a customised cloud instance to an industry cloud platform. To learn more click here

Watch FSConnect Videos

FSConnect for Private Banking and Wealth

Meet FSConnect Private Banking/Wealth

FSConnect for Advisors

FSConnect for Advisors delivers a comprehensive point of sale and advice experience

FSConnect for Underwriters

FSConnect for Underwriters transforms the underwriting work of the future

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