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Meet Lachlan Teale, AI Solutions Senior Consultant

Meet Lachlan, a Brisbane-based Senior Consultant in our AI Solutions Studio team, which is part of the AI Strategic Growth Offering. He is passionate about utilising data, ML and AI to better the human experience – whether in a business context or personally.

So, tell us about a day in the life … 

The typical workday is quite varied from day-to-day in terms of what tasks I could be completing, but each day follows a similar structure. 

I start by checking in with my team to understand what everyone is working on and how it fits towards the larger vision we have for each of project. If they need any support, I’ll spend some time on that. It’s mainly pair programming, code reviews, mapping out solutions/new features, career progression discussions, etc.

The rest of my time is spent focused on leading the team on our underlying platform for a large number of ‘currently in development’ assets. This has lately involved road mapping an internal Python library, discussing our cloud deployment strategy with solution architects, devops standardisation across the team and development for some new features.

Towards the end of the day, I check in on how the team went throughout the day and see if anything is a roadblock. I discuss where the platform/project is at on a larger scale than just their work, and where we need to go as a team in the next couple days or week. This allows them to provide their inputs and perspective and helps shape the end vision into a tool they’re happy working on and in.

Unwinding at home starts with a shower. Working from home, I like to find a way to separate going to and coming ‘home‘ from work. So I bookmark the start and end of my day with a shower. 

Depending on the day, the rest of my evening could be spent working on personal projects, reading books or out to dinner or events with friends.

Deloitte offers so much to their employees – from flexibility, to challenging problems, to a team that becomes more like a family than just work colleagues. 

We are encouraged to balance our work and personal lives using Deloitte Flex. Some team members take time during the day to go exercise, others take meetings away from their desk. I’ve personally used it to flex the hours I work around appointments, travel, and other commitments to live a happier, healthier life.

The problems you get at a Big 4 firm are probably where it shines. Coming from smaller (but still very competitive in their space) companies to Deloitte, the problems are on a scale that is unimaginable. Want to work in a 100+ person team? Sure, can do. Want to solve some of the hardest problems across all areas of business in almost every industry? Yep, that’s what we do.

Through all the flexing and amazing projects, the team is really the core of what makes Deloitte inspire incredible. We are all super close. We all support each other. We have team events – everything from trivia through to sports leagues/teams – and many of us catch up outside work as friends. 

All round, we want to see everyone succeed and we all support each other in being the best people we can be, both at and outside work. 

Knowing I’m making an impact – on the clients I work with, the team I’m a part of and to the greater good of society.

We are solving some of the hardest hitting problems that we’re facing as a society globally – climate change, inequality, pandemics to name a few.

The Data & AI Consulting team is working with some of your favourite organisations to help them deliver better products/services more efficiently and sustainably. If you ever wanted to not just peek behind the curtain of these organisations, but truly understand their issues and be responsible in making a difference to them, Deloitte can offer you such a wide array of opportunities to do that.We also don’t just do accounting – as much as the university students I’ve chatted to like to think we do. We cover everything across the business spectrum and there’s a place within Deloitte to do what you’re passionate about and have that meaningful impact.

  • TV series recommendation? - Black Mirror. Little bit dark and twisted, but offers an interesting reflection on society. Since some of those episodes have been released, some of these fictional realities are also no longer fiction (for better or worse)
  • Five star book? - The Almanack of Naval Ravikant. Naval is an entrepreneur, investor and philosopher who has amassed a large following on Twitter. This book is a collection of his best thoughts around wealth and happiness
  • Coffee order? - Hot chocolate, which is appearing to be a more common order nowadays, especially in tech
  • Favourite sports team? - Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team. The sport of F1 is an analytical thinker’s playground. They’re heavily using AI and provide so much data to viewers if you’re interested in diving into it. A working car and strategy are just as important to the success of the race as the driver in the vehicle. If one part of the team doesn’t work, the entire race can be compromised.

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