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Meet Erika Gomez, Data & AI Manager

Meet Erika, a Brisbane-based Manager in our Data Modernisation team, which is part of the Strategy & AI practice in our Consulting Business Unit. She is passionate about finding insights, links and connections in data to unlock the potential in it.

So, tell us about a day in the life … 

My days are slightly different every day, I have completely embraced the hybrid way of working Deloitte offers. 

In my job, I am so fortunate to be able to work in end-to-end data solutions; starting with data ingestion, data analysis and transformation, building automation and delivering insightful visualisations that communicate information to the intended audience in the way which is more relevant to them. 

I get the amazing opportunity to lead some of these engagements and I divide my time between meetings and development time. Meetings are important to keep the team connected and in sync to deliver more effectively. Quiet time is important for development work to make good progress on deliverables. To do that, I add doggie cuddle breaks, backyard walks when I work from home and coffee/lunch catch ups with colleagues when I go to the office. Great balance!

Deloitte provides the two aspects that matter to me most: meaningful work and the right culture for growth. Deloitte has a challenging yet rewarding environment with professional and personal growth at its core. I love being part of a company that invests in their people and cares about their development.

I believe the culture of a business is determined largely by the people it employs. Our team is full of generous, smart, motivated and high-achieving people - that inspires me. The work I get to do empowers me to continue learning and energises me to use my knowledge to solve complex problems. In my opinion, the best of both worlds.

I love my job because I get to deliver impact in alignment with my values - connection, collaboration and learning.

I am very passionate about data and people. In my role at Deloitte I am able to solve difficult and interesting problems while working with people who are as passionate as I am. I am encouraged to deepen my knowledge but also expand the scope of my expertise and apply this to different projects and industries, which makes it even more stimulating. Our job is never boring. 

This team will support you and challenge you to be better. Anyone joining the team will be exposed to opportunities that build your technical knowledge, your character and your ability to adapt and learn quickly.  We have a great culture, thoughtful leaders and interesting work, the key principles to having a rewarding job.

  • TV series recommendation? - The Good Place
  •  Song recommendation? - Stolen Dance by Milky Chance
  • Quick tip? - find 3 hobbies in life - here are mine:

One to keep you intellectually engaged: books, podcasts…

One to keep you active and healthy: running, gym

One to make you happy: going out with friends/family, walks with my doggie 

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