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Humans of Strategy & AI

Meet some of our Australian Strategy and AI experts who love solving the toughest problems for our clients.

Felisa Zen is passionate about solving complex problems using creative data-driven methodologies.

Antoine Memin helps companies in the insurance industry design and execute on their transformation strategies.

Divya Mathur tackles the toughest problems with data & AI solutions.

Denise Ounepaseuth listens deeply to understand and unpack complex issues.

Maria Fidler is passionate about showing how AI delivers value to clients.

Vaibhav Agrawal is a problem solver who helps businesses on their data journey.

Monique Evans has recently discovered her inner functional test strengths.

Sid Kulkarni embraces technology to drive meaningful, lasting transformation.

Nicola Wahbe is crazy about data and builds deep client relationships to drive value.

Sudeep Ghosh is passionate about applying AI and automation solutions to unlock value.

Sierra Yap is passionate about learning new ways she can improve her clients' analytics.

Tristan Dwyer is passionate about leveraging research and new technologies to address business problems.

Beth Dingwall looks at the big picture of data to assess her client's data governance needs.

Alan Tam finds new opportunities to help his clients with data analytics.

Supriya Guha is passionate about showcasing big data solutions to his clients.

Carlton Mapundu is passionate about machines and how they can improve our lives.

Jessica Carius is passionate about encouraging everyone to embrace AI.

Erica Dodd wakes up each day to find ways to harness the power of AI.

Dr. Kellie Nuttall is a cheerleader for what’s possible with AI.

Avalon Martinkys is passionate about helping organisations to embrace analytic solutions to transform the way they operate.

Lachlan Teale is passionate about using AI to solve societal challenges like climate change and inequality.

Erika Gomez is passionate about enabling data driven impact in alignment with connection, collaboration and learning.

Andrew Cromwell is passionate about improving efficiency and redesigning superannuation funds and financial institutions.

Maseeh Daudi is keen to expand his experience and further his skills in data analytics and machine learning.

Donna Goss enjoys diving into the technical aspects of actuarial work.

Damini Harne is passionate about teamwork, keeping her clients happy and helping to solve diverse problems.

Rachael Akhidenor flourishes when working alongside high-performing teams to provide solutions and shape cultures.

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