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Insight-Driven Performance

Our perspective on the future of Enterprise Performance Management

Effective decision-making is fundamental to realising success for any organisation. The ongoing practice of making effective decisions in pursuit of strategic and operational goals is known as ‘Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)’. As a global leader in EPM, we have helped our clients to pioneer and shape its leading practice. Our view of the future of EPM is ‘Insight-Driven Performance’

What is Insight-Driven Performance?

Insight-Driven Performance is the industrialised generation of insights within an organisation, to make informed decisions reliably and repeatedly across all of its levels and functions in pursuit of its strategic ambitions.

The components of Insight-Driven Performance

Insight-Driven Performance depends on eight core components to realise enterprise value and iteratively improve.

The maturity and effectiveness of an organisation will vary across the different components, but seeking to understand, assess and selectively improve the maturity and effectiveness of the different components is a vital step for any organisation seeking to optimise its decision-making.