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The RegTech platform simplifying complex regulatory compliance frameworks.

Introducing RegHub

Understanding and managing the complexity of compliance regulation continues to be a challenge. It takes up the valuable time, energy and focus of compliance and risk communities for many businesses.

Our next generation RegTech solution, RegHub, helps businesses manage compliance regulation with efficiency. RegHub is a regulatory compliance management software tool built by RegTech compliance professionals. It understands industry-wide risk and compliance ecosystems, from near real-time tracking of global regulatory change to intuitively linked impacted controls, policies, products, and processes.

From risk sensing and horizon scanning through to interpretation, implementation, oversight and reporting, RegHub provides an end to end platform that seamlessly and transparently manages the impact of regulatory compliance across all business areas.



Global view of regulation

Access a vast global regulatory library that’s updated in a timely manner. Cut through the noise to obtain early warnings across risk, including emerging regulations which are likely to affect your business in the future.

Single source of truth

View obligations, create and edit assessments, take remediation action and deliver efficient reporting from a single structured home for your organisation's regulations.

Unburden your teams

Refocus your risk and compliance team’s attention to where it matters most. RegHub’s automated regulatory compliance horizon scanning, digital workflows, and real-time data analysis unburdens your team so they can deliver real business impact.

Transparency and confidence

Fulfil regulatory requirements with transparency and granularity over how data is calculated. Boost your confidence and monitor regulatory compliance obligations and their impact on different areas of your business.

Better and faster

Establish clear roles and responsibilities across your business. RegHub combines near real-time regulatory information with intelligent analysis and prioritisation of regulatory risk for fast and effective responses.

Scalable and flexible

From horizon scanning to end-to-end regulatory monitoring and change management, deploy RegHub in modules to get the support you need.

Deloitte at your side

RegHub is hard-wired into the heart of our compliance practice for on-demand support. Our RegTech platform is infused with our compliance specialists’ expertise across the globe – digitising our deep knowledge and learnings.

Latest in technology

RegHub uses the latest in regulatory compliance advanced analytics. The RegTech platform's core processes and workflows are augmented by AI, ML and NLP capabilities to drive significant efficiency gains.

Key features

RegHub includes the following key features:

  • Near real-time regulatory tracking, notifications and mapping of rule changes
  • Global regulatory universe (library)
  • Full suite of AI and ML capabilities
  • Triaged system alerts
  • End-to-end compliance management
  • API integration with industry GRC tools
  • On-demand tech support from Deloitte’s Compliance SMEs
  • Real-time dynamic reporting and alerting
  • Unique user-profile configuration
  • Deployed modules support augmenting existing capability
  • Advanced search functionality across your regulatory universe
  • Live and configurable in-built MI reporting


How it works

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