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Discovery Start

A collaborative workflow platform to manage information about your investigation and litigation activities, all in one place.

Introducing Discovery Start

When a major incident occurs, your legal team will quickly begin to ready themselves for the impending investigation or litigation activity surrounding this. This won’t be the only discovery request that your team is working on – it’s likely that they’ll be juggling multiple requests at once, spending thousands of hours manually managing the process, following up on emails, arranging interviews and tracking all communications.

With data spread out across multiple jurisdictions and several stakeholders’ input required to support the discovery efforts, it’s not a simple task. From identifying data locations and custodians, to tracking compliance and preparing reports, the hours it takes to gather the required information can very quickly add up.

That’s where Discovery Start can help. It’s a collaborative workflow platform that helps you to centralise the information from each investigation or litigation and track your early discovery identification activity, all in one place.

Through questionnaires, role-based access controls and workflows, it enables you to initiate and track legal hold acknowledgments, and uncover key information relating to investigations and litigation matters. It also helps you identify trends and relevant data sources to drive collection decisions as well as documenting interview histories.

Discovery Start improves efficiency, reduces the risks involved with custodian identification and collection tracking, and serves as the cornerstone of a defensible discovery process.


Increase oversight and control

With everything in one place you have enhanced management over your legal hold investigations, regulatory matters and information requests, giving you greater oversight in an increasingly complex data landscape.

Gather the data you require quickly and efficiently

Discovery Start helps you to accelerate the matter initiation, scoping and legal hold process so that you can gather data quickly and effectively to respond to the investigation promptly.

Reduce costs

By using Discovery Start’s tailorable, pre-defined templates to issue your legal holds, you can reduce manual effort as well as reducing the set-up and management costs related to your investigation.

Tailor to fit your team

Discovery Start allows users to be configured to specific roles in the workflow, from quality check to collection, so that no one misses an action.

Evidence your process

With Discovery Start providing a full audit trail of your process and documentation, you are equipped with stronger evidence for courts and regulators.

Generate insights

Develop a rich understanding of the matter at hand by aggregating custodian inputs for review e.g. relationship with other individuals, departments, data systems and more.

Key features

Discovery Start includes the following key features:

  • Cloud hosted (AWS)
  • Server-less infrastructure eliminates single point of failure
  • Access protected by multi-factor authentication
  • Data encrypted in transit and at rest
  • Geographically located to ensure processing and data remain in jurisdiction
  • Multi-tenanted platform reduces cost and increases efficiency
  • Configurable dashboards and management reports
  • External data source integration

How it works

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Manage information about your investigation and litigation activities with Discovery Start.