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Dupe Killer

Creative Protection Specialists

Iconic and market-leading designs are being copied on a mass scale; systematically finding the copies and clearing the market has been impossible.

Until now. Welcome to Dupe Killer.

The Challenge

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. We disagree.

You have spent years investing and innovating in creating your unique designs; building and shaping that signature look or product aesthetic. Creating a unique style that the market knows is yours and associates with your products and reputation. But the copycats are quicker than ever; they copy your design and have it on sale in what feels like seconds.

And now it’s not just the big retailers ripping you off; thanks to the web, anyone can source dupes from China, market through social media and be up and running with a professional looking website in a matter of days, and for pennies.

Protecting your designs has been a nightmare for years; it’s not like tackling counterfeits, where there are established systems and processes which help you take down the fakes (and the fakers); tackling copycats is patchy and unpredictable and as most are discovered by chance, there’s no reliable data or understanding of the extent of the problem.



Introducing Dupe Killer

Using cutting edge and patent pending artificial intelligence technology, Dupe Killer, our copycat detection solution, is trained to recognise key features of your design, whether that be an entire product, part of it or simply the colour of your packaging. Once trained, it investigates the web, online marketplaces and social media platforms to identify products that try to take advantage of your hard work and investment in creating innovative designs.




Featured case study

We are working with some of the world’s leading brands including Jimmy Choo. The market for these types of business is cleaner than it has been for years, thanks to tackling the issue with Dupe Killer.

As featured in Vogue Business

Vogue Business

"A marketplace of cheap copies can impact sales as well as brand prestige... if the market is flooded with cheap copies, it has the potential to turn consumers off from buying the real thing."


Proactively monitor the market

Cut through the noise and gain proactive insight into who is trying to copy your product, where they are doing this and how prolifically – through Dupe Killer’s proactive monitoring of thousands of online sources.

Focus your enforcement

Gone are the days of stumbling on copycat products and reactively responding in an ad hoc way. Focus your enforcement on tackling those who are causing you the most damage rather than those that happen to come to your attention.

Make intelligence-led decisions

Tackle copycats in a systematic, cost effective and strategic way by making IP enforcement decisions based on access to real-time copycat intelligence from thousands of online third-party sources.

Protect your investment in design and talent

Secure the value of your investment in coveted designs and design teams by identifying and eliminating copycats looking to freeride on your investment.

Gain full management oversight

Dupe Killer acts as a single source of truth for gaining insight into your copycat threat landscape. The solution’s detailed dashboard reporting provides a clear picture of identified copycat products with actionable insights backed up by our expert legal team.

Configure easily

Dupe Killer’s patent pending AI image recognition technology is highly configurable so you can set parameters for the sensitivity of the matching engine depending on whether you only want to see very close copies, or perhaps take a step back and cast a wider net to identify anyone that might be marketing something similar.

Key features

  • Market scanning and monitoring
  • AI image recognition tech (patent pending)
  • Configurable to client IP strategy
  • Self-service client portal
  • Cloud hosted
  • MI and reporting dashboard

How it works

Award winning

Industry recognition


The Deloitte Legal team, whilst at Kemp Little were delighted to win the The Lawyer Awards 2020 title of Best Client Service Innovation for Dupe Killer.

Rachael Barber, Dupe Killer Lead and Partner, was also named the Luxury Law Awards 2020 Luxury Technology Leader.

Interested in other services?

Let us know if you need support protecting your brand and products online, whether that's in helping you to identify where the issues might be or how to tackle them. We'd be happy to discuss your needs and how we might be able to help.